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Rewind two decades and you’ll find that one of the only ways people could access their favourite casino games was by visiting a local casino or by playing on a slot machine in a nearby pub. However, today is a far cry from the gaming of two decades ago as many people around the world can now access their favourite casino games through the internet.

One of the most popular online casino games is online slots, in which millions of people try their luck to win the big jackpot each day. What’s more, online slots jackpots are often even bigger than their physical casino counterparts. So, what is the best way to win at online slots?

Many people believe that slot games are purely a game based on chance, and while this is correct, there are also some ways you can play smartly and increase your chances of beating the system and winning.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can increase your chances of winning at online slots.

Choose your game carefully

Not all slots are even, and some slot games offer a better chance at winning that other games do. No two slot games are ever the same and while they come with different themes, graphics, soundtracks and gaming experiences, they also come with different Return to Player (RTP) rates.

Before playing an online slot game, be sure to check the RTP% and compare it with other online slot games to ensure you’re choosing the best game for your cash.

There are now many major slot providers operating in the online market, with new slot providers entering each day, so there are plenty of sites and games to choose from!

Learn how they work

While slot games are mainly down to chance, you have a better chance at winning if you know the ins and outs of the game and how it works. One of the best ways to do this is to practise playing free online slot games.

Playing free slot games will help you to get familiar with the online terrain, as well as increasing your familiarity with how they work. There’s a great deal of free and try it first options out there on online casino sites for you to choose from for practice.

Online Slot

Have a strict budget

Having a strict budget sounds like it could limit your chances of winning but it could in fact do the opposite. Before you play, decide on a maximum sum that you’re willing to spend and be sure to stick to it. While it might feel challenging not to be tempted to carry on playing, you should never bet money you cannot afford to lose.

How does that help your chances of winning you ask? By limiting your play over a period of time, you are less likely to lose all of your money and more likely to win by slowing down the amount of spins you have.

Create a strategy

Many people love slot games because they are so easy to play. Unlike complex casino games like poker and blackjack, online slots enable people to escape from the stresses of their day to day life and lose themselves in the thrill of the moment. However, online slots can also involve strategic play too.

Having a strategy for online slots doesn’t need to be complicated like strategies used for poker or blackjack. It can simply be things like knowing how much you want to spend, what kind of slot games you want to play, and what your minimum desired RTP is.

Online Slot

Be aware of game volatility

Before playing an online slot game, be sure to know the level of risk you want to take, and seek out the right slot games according to this. Some online slot games can be extremely volatile and could cause you to lose your money very quickly but also have a huge jackpot if you do happen to win, while others offer more relaxed and safer gameplay but with a fraction of the size of other jackpots.

Before you are  set on a game, make sure it’s in line with how you want to play online slots. Not only will you get a better game outcome this way but it will also help you to determine what kind of level risk you want to take and what sites and games are most suited to you as an individual.

Stop when in profit

Once you win at an online slot game, it can be very tempting to use some of those winnings to keep playing. However, if you get carried away and do this, there is a very good chance that you will lose all of your winnings. While online slot games are highly enjoyable, it can also be very easy to splurge through your cash rapidly so know when to quit and walk away with what you have.

Overall, while many people see online slots as an easy game of chance with no set way of being able to win, there are some things you can do to make the odds be ever in your favour. So, next time you play, be sure to keep the above top tips in mind.


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