Nick Groff Wife, Career, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures

Nick Groff has been fascinated by supernatural things for as long as anyone can remember, including himself. He is a musician, producer, TV personality, and paranormal investigator from the United States. Nick has many interests, but almost everyone knows him for how hard he works to find and study paranormal events.

In 2004, he worked on a documentary called Ghostbusters as the executive producer, cameraman, and editor. He was also a co-investigator on the show. He started working on a TV show with the same name in 2008. He went back to the same roles and responsibilities he had in documentaries when he was on the show for ten seasons, which ended in 2014.

Nick has worked on many other projects, most of which were about ghosts, while he was with the company that made the Ghostbusters movies. He started his TV show, Paranormal Lockdown, in 2016. He has also made a few movies, put out music albums, and worked with Travel Channel, TLC, and Destination America, among others.

Nick Groff’s tragic life

Nicholas Groff was born in San Jose, California, on April 19, 1980. But he was born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nick has been interested in ghosts and other strange things since he was a child. Nick told everyone that when he was eight years old, he almost died. He was playing in a tree in the family’s yard when a branch broke and he fell to the ground.

Nick said that when he was ten, he saw the ghost of a black man. He thinks that the accident that happened at eight o’clock made him more open to the supernatural. He went to New Hampshire’s Pelham High School and then to the University of Nevada, where he got a degree in film.


Nick Groff Wife, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures

In 2004, Nicholas met Zak Bagans, and the two hit it off when they found out they were both interested in ghosts. They first worked together as a wedding DJ and videographer until they decided to become a team of paranormal investigators. For this, they had to hire a second person. So, they chose Aaron Goodwin, who worked at the University of Nevada at the same time as Groff.

In 2004, the three people started researching and filming a documentary in some of Nevada’s most scary places to look for proof of paranormal activity. Soon, some producers and critics saw their work and gave it good reviews. Nick and his Ghost Adventurers friends soon got a contract to have their own show on Travel Channel. Nick said at one point on the show that he had seen a female ghost while they were filming at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. This and a few other things helped him become more sure of his belief in the afterlife.

Ghost Adventurers was the name of the show, and it first aired on October 17, 2008. Nick was the executive producer and co-researcher for the business for ten years, including the tenth season in 2014. It was his last season, no matter how good or bad it was. After leaving the show, Nick made another show for Destination America called Ghost Stalkers. But the show couldn’t live up to the success of its previous ones, and it only had six episodes.

Other Efforts

The California boy also has some business sense, and he has been trying to make money off of his brand. Nick has his own clothing line, called the “Ghost Collection,” which he designed himself. He also wrote Chasing Spirits: Building the Ghost Adventure Crew, which came out in 2012.

It was sort of a memoir about what he and his team did while working on the Ghost Adventures franchise. Nick also put out two music albums the same year through his entertainment company, Groff Entertainment. The first was called The Other Side, and the other was called Spiritual Warfare: Good vs. Evil.

Nick has also used Groff Entertainment to help some independent artists make songs and albums. He has also written and directed movies and TV shows, as well as produced (as an executive producer) and produced (as a producer). Among these were 2004’s “Malevolence” and 2012’s “Vegas Stripped” on the Travel Channel.

One of his other jobs is running a gym in Methuen, Massachusetts, which he opened in June 2013. He gave it the name Driving, Health & Fitness and shared ownership of the place until August 2015. In 2014, he also took part in the TV competition show American Ninja Warrior.

On March 4, 2016, Destination America showed his new show, which was his most recent work in the paranormal world. Paranormal lock. This project was a lot more successful than the last time they worked together, and it helped the network get high ratings. Because of this, TLC picked it up for a second and third season. Because he worked with Destination America, he also took part in their 2016 Ghosts of Shepherdstown project. Here, he played the part of a paranormal expert who was called in to help the police with cases that had to do with the supernatural.

Why Nick Groff Left ghost adventurers

While Nick was with the Ghost Riders, other networks, like Discovery Channel’s sister network Destination America, became interested in him. Reports say that Nick was working on a new show with the network that interested him, but they couldn’t find a way to work around scheduling problems with the Travel Channel. So, she had no choice but to leave.

Other rumors say it was taken from the show, and Nick Groof and Zak Bagans are said to be spinoffs. In 2016, a few days after Nick’s debut in Paranormal Lockdown, Bagans sent out a series of tweets in which he accused a character he didn’t name of using the Ghost Raiders brand to promote his own businesses. This spread the rumors.

Does he have a wife? Who is she?

Nick Groff Wife, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures

Nicolas is married to Véronique Roussel. The two people met in high school, and by their senior year, they were engaged. In his early days as a paranormal investigator, Veronica is the first person he tells everything to and works with. In 2004, they got married, and Zak Bagans was the DJ at the wedding.

Nick and Veronica have lived in New England since 2012. In September 2014, their second daughter Chlo was born. Annabelle, their first daughter, was born in December 2010.

Net Worth

Nick has a good amount of money because of his work in music, movies, his clothing line, and other things. Several different sources say that he is worth $1 million.

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