New Character and Weapon In Apex Legends Season 6 and What Writer Says After That

Respawn released the official trailer of apex Legends Season 6. Here we will talk about what we know about season 6 and what would happen in the upcoming season. We know that season 6 has scheduled to release on August 18.

New Character and Weapons in Apex Legends Season 6

Fans want to know about the characters in it. Respawn confirmed that Rampart is teh new character in Apex Legends, and Volt SMG is teh new weapon in the game.  Moreover, there is a new crafting system that would implement in season 6. A new collection of Holo Spray Items are also included in it.

But we don’t know how new character will behave and how the new weapon will use in combat. However, based on new changes in the map, we can make some clues.

What Writer Says After the Trailer of Season 6

Tom Casiello is the writer of Respawn entertainment who gave relief to Apex’s fans after the trailer of season 6. Trailer surprised us and fans really desperate to know what really happened to the Loba and Revenant storyline.

The preview was a breath of fresh air for people who wanted to get back to the fun aspects of the battle royale. The trailer confirmed teh new legend Rampart, and people are surprised interweaving stories were going to take a break.

Casiellos also responded to fans on twitter that there will be more Loba and Rev interplay but will come later. He said it’s not over, but Loba was not the centerpiece in the trailer; that does not mean they don’t have a role in season 6.

Moreover, the writer said, players will find out about Wattson and her story. Well, these all are great news for fans about the new character, a new weapon, as well as most amazing Respawn, is taking the game back to its fun roots.

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