Mason Thames

Mason Thames (10 July 2007). He is an American actor who plays the role of Mason. During his teenage years, he took part in a lot of important roles in the movies he acted in. The 15-year-old Mason has now become an inspiration to many kids who are unsure as to what they should pursue in their futures.

They were all inspired by Mason’s acting, dedication, and will to succeed in life. He left a lasting impression on them. After playing a role in the film “The Black Phone,” Mason became well-known in the film industry.

We are going to take a closer look at Mason Thames’s height, age, education, family, relationships, net worth, and some other facts about him in this article.

Age & Early Life

On July 10, 2007, Mason Thames was born. Currently, he resides with his family in Los Angeles, California. He began his career as a student when he was 11 years old.

As a youngster, Mason enjoyed bicycle riding and had the opportunity to ride a bike before he began acting at the age of 11. When he was a child of five to eight years old, he used to perform tricks on his bicycle to entertain his parents.


As a high school graduate from Mason, he has completed his university education with good grades.


As an 11-year-old student, Mason was given the chance to perform with the International Ballet Company when he was given the opportunity to audition. At the time, he was studying Ballet as a part of his studies.

In the following four years, he traveled with the business as the crew’s youngest member for the duration of the travel business. His career as a young artist in short films started in 2017 when he first started working as a young artist.

A television series titled “For All Mankind” cast him as Daniel Stevens, and he will shortly take part along with Milo Ventimiglia in the limited series Evel, in which he will portray Robbie Knievel.

The Black Phone debuted at Fantastic Fest on September 25, 2021. On June 24, 2022, the movie “The Black Phone” will finally hit theaters after a lengthy delay. Currently, he is working with Oscar-winning filmmaker Mel Gibson on a film titled “Boys of Summer.”

Mason Thames

Physical Look

As far as Mason Thames’ height is concerned, he stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. In terms of weight, he weighs around 66 kilograms. His brown eyes are beautiful, and he has a lovely set of brown hair as well.

As of right now, there is no information on his body measurements, dress size,  biceps, shoe size, and many other things related to his body.


The Thames family is accepting and caring, and Mason comes from a loving environment. As well as accompanying him on his tours, Thames’ father, Chad Thames, is responsible for managing his financial matters.

On Mother’s Day, he once exchanges a picture with his mother to express his thankfulness and love for her, as a token of his appreciation and love for her.

Additionally, Mason has a sister who is also excited about the creative arts as well as pursuing dancing. Brooke-Madison Thames is a dancer who has also pursued a career in the performing arts.

Throughout Mason’s professional career, the Thames family has supported him as a pillar of support, providing him with motivation and cheer as he strives to reach new heights.


There is no intention on Mason’s part to get involved in a romantic relationship in the near future. His work colleagues and classmates have never been interested in him, and he has never dated any of them in the past.

He collaborated with actress Madeleine McGraw for the film “The Black Phone,” which he directed. A 13-year-old girl named Madeleine McGraw is Mason’s best friend. She is just a few weeks older than Mason.

Social Media

As of the past few months, Mason has been able to gain a lot of attention from Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube, with thousands of active followers on each of these platforms.

Net Worth

 As a young artist, Mason had worked with numerous businesses and had a role in television advertisements when he was younger.

In the past few years, his net worth has grown as a result of the success of his acting career. As of June 2023, Mason’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.35 million USD.

Mason Thames

Future Prospects and Projects

Mason has the potential to have a successful career in the world of acting due to his obvious talent and versatile abilities. He has already earned a solid status within the industry for his dedication to his craft and his ability to take on challenging roles.

There is great anticipation for his upcoming projects, including the highly regarded Mel Gibson-directed film “Boys of Summer.

” In addition to his discipline, natural talent, and passion, Mason’s dedication to acting sets the stage for success in the future. The entertainment industry is likely to be affected even more by him as he develops and matures.


  • In the picture, we can see the skills, the creativity, and the passion he has for his work.
  • With a positive outlook, he has the qualities of a champion organizer.
  • He considers himself to be an independent thinker, a skilled inventor, and an enthusiastic person who can translate his goals into reality with focus and confidence thanks to his work, his interests, and his determination.
  • On Instagram, he has a following of over 15,000 people. As a professional model, he has gained a lot of fame for his attractive looks, and he has filled in as a professional model.


The Mason Thames has some frequently asked questions that you might find helpful.

What is Mason Thames’ background?

Mason is an American Ballet Dancer, Actor, and model who is most notable for his role on Apple TV's sci-fi show For All Mankind, in which he plays the role of Danny Stevens on For All Mankind.

What is Mason’ girlfriend’s name?

Mason is not in a relationship with any of his co-stars and has neither dated any of them. Mason has previously worked with Madeleine McGraw on the movie "The Black Phone", in which she appeared alongside Mason. She is a good friend of Mason's 13-year-old friend, Madeleine McGraw, and she is one of Mason's closest friends.

What is Mason height?

According to Mason' height, he stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall.

How old is Mason?

In the United States of America, Mason Thames was born on the 10th of July 2007 and currently resides there. As of now, he is 15 years old.

What is Thames’ net worth?

According to estimates, Mason has a net worth of at least $500,000.

Which nationality does Mason belong to?

Mason is an American citizen and holds the nationality of the United States.


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