Feeling Sad? Let This Crying Cat Memes Cheer up Your Mood!

Cats do not cry resoundingly the way humans do. Memes and cats, it’s hard to seek out a far better combination. Crying cat, a meme that was first generated in 2014, is becoming one among those classic memes that never truly dies off. It’s versatile, relatable, and in fact, it’s a cat and a meme.

This meme is usually known for a white cat’s photoshopped image ahead of a computer, but many various versions have helped this meme’s success. So if you’re feeling a touchdown and out, let crying cat cause you to giggle.

Sad before, even sadder now

This meme is used to be very sad. It intimates the people who find their friends offline when they want to chat.

cryingcat 1

Oops – did it again

Computers almost certainly think the creation of tabs is not a good idea.

cryingcat 02

A modern take on a classic

It is used to be one of the germaphobe memes but now it’s mainstream.

cryingcat 03

A relic of the old times

No never mind. It’s almost plentiful to make you missed it.

cryingcat 04


The morning Zoom calls

Time has lost all meaning to everyone, except those people who schedule the settings of work meetings.

cryingcat 05

Chinese food woes

Do not try to feel bad, one implement per food type is the thumb rule. However, anybody knows that you can’t get a single type of food in China. (Chinese will give you a folk rather than a chopstick.)

cryingcat 06

The good and evil of salad

A pro tip: we all are here, you can use butter lettuce rather than an iceberg. It is not too good in taste but it really has more nutrients.

cryingcat 07

An elusive composition

Just watch it, it will have become as jittery as a Victorian-era damsel.

cryingcat 08

Anybody there?

Look at it, is it looking much funny for now.

cryingcat 09


It will look like a humorous performance in some empty bar.

cryingcat 10

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