Top accounting tips for small business owners

Top accounting tips for small business owners

Small businesses are the backbone of Britain, but they’ve also been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The thing is, business owners are already so busy running their affairs that paperwork is an activity that is often relegated to the evenings and weekends. What might surprise many business owners, however, is that these administrative tasks … Read more

Why Vaping Is Considered Safer Than Cigarettes


The popularity of vaping has grown around the world as an alternative to smoking. This relatively recent phenomenon entails using heating nicotine or other chemicals into vapor to inhale. Today, more people are turning to vape devices to quit smoking. However, the increasing popularity of vaping has raised a debate on whether it is safer … Read more

2016 Mazda 3 Battery Size & Price Guide

Mazda 3 Battery Size

Your 2016 Mazda 3 relies on its Group 35 battery to stay operational, and this battery usually lasts between three and five years. However, if you use the lights without turning on the engine a lot or if you leave your doors open overnight, it may drain more quickly. If you’re concerned about your 2016 … Read more