Korean Valentine’s Year: 12 Romantic Celebrations Every 14th of the Month

The 14th of February is a day for lovers all over the world. But in Korea, couples and lovers pay special attention to the 14th of every month.

Find out about the special events that happen every 14th of the month and on Valentine’s Day in Korea.

Diary Day (14th January)

The 14th of January is known as “Diary Day” in Korea. On this day, people give a blank diary to someone they care about. If your lover gives you one, you should use the blank pages to write about how you feel. You can also talk about your goals, resolutions, and tasks for the year. Can you picture reading the diary of the person you love?

Valentine’s Day (14th February)

Almost everywhere, Valentine’s Day is pretty much the same. In Korea, though, it’s the women who buy gifts for the man. Women show how they feel by buying roses or chocolates.

White Day (14th March)

On March 14, Korea has a holiday called “White Day.” This day is a chance for men to thank the women who gave them gifts. Most of the time, men buy more expensive gifts for their partners, like chocolates, jewelry, and other things that they like.

Black Day (14th April)

In Korea, April 14 is known as Black day. This is a day for people who don’t have a partner. People who are single get together on this day and wear black. They eat a dish called jajangmeyon, which is Chinese-Korean food. This dish is made with pork, vegetables, and a very dark soyabean sauce. They celebrate this time of year as a sad day that reminds them of a funeral.

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Yellow Day (14th May)

Yellow Day is on May 14. On Yellow Day, people give their loved ones yellow roses or other roses. Couples spend quality time with each other at cafes and restaurants. It’s also a good day to spend time with close friends and family.

Kiss Day (14th June)

Koreans love Kiss Day more than any other day. It is the best way to show how much they love each other. On this day, couples and lovers kiss as a way to celebrate. It’s clear that it’s the best day for people who love each other very much. It is the most romantic day of the year for couples.

Silver Day (14th July)

On Silver Day, there is something like a wedding. On July 14, lovers give each other rings that go together. These rings are also known as “promise rings” because they show that the two people are committed to each other.

Green Day (14th August)

Green Day is all about nature. To celebrate, people get together and go to beautiful, green places.

Green Day is a great time to get together with family. Families get together to eat or drink soju and may wear green clothes.

Photo Day (14th September)

On September 14, Korea celebrates Photo Day. As you might guess, it’s a day for taking selfies and going to photo studios. Especially for couples, photo shoots are a lot of fun.

Families and friends go to photo booths or hire professional photographers to capture these moments. Some people even have a party where they take pictures. They set up props for their pictures and get their pictures taken.

Wine Day (14th October)

The 14th of October is a big day for drinkers. On this day, couples and lovers get together to drink wine and have a romantic party. They drink at public events or in bars in their area.

On Wine Day, friends and family also get together. On this day, they give warm hugs to their closest family members.

Movie Day (14th November)

The 14th of November is a well-known day and one of Koreans’ favorite days. On this day, Koreans get together at the movies and watch movies together. Some people stay at home, rent DVDs, and make their own popcorn.

Hug Day (14th December)

Hug Day is the last day of the year. As you might expect, Koreans give hugs to the people they love. People get together to hug each other. Even so, single people don’t feel left out. They hug each other or their friends and families.

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