Key things to consider when buying your family car

Whether it’s a routine upgrade or your first family vehicle, there are many factors to consider before investing in a new set of wheels. The family car market is one of the most competitive around too – so you won’t be short on options to compare.    

New car sales actually dipped to their lowest level in nearly three decades last year. But with the road ahead of us looking more positive, now could be the perfect time to invest in a new model for your gang.

Any new car purchase will come at a price of course, so it could pay to research your financial options beforehand. Below are the key points to consider however you plan to cover the cost.

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Safety standards are important for all vehicles – but they’re paramount when it comes to your family.   

Look out for each model’s Euro NCAP rating, which is the European standard for care safety. All cars are graded from 0-5 based on their safety features and crash test performance. 

Choosing a model with a score of 5 will give you maximum peace of mind when out on the road.


Space is another key practical consideration. Does your chosen model have plenty of space in the back for kids, plus a big enough boot for prams, shopping and luggage?

Think about how long you plan to keep the car and whether your group will grow in numbers later down the line. Folding seats are a practical feature that offer extra storage when you need it.


Next up are the features and functionality that will keep everyone happy on journeys of all durations. Smartphone integration and satellite navigation can make driving easier and more enjoyable, while rear-seat screens are another nice-to-have.

Other things to think about are cup holders and foldable tables – especially in the back – as well as climate controls.


While it can be worth paying out for a family car that fully meets your needs, ultimately it still needs to fit within your budget. Don’t overlook the used car market if your finances are a little tight.

Fuel economy and reliability are other cost-related factors to look out for. The last thing you want to do is save on price only to overspend on repairs later down the road. Insurance and road tax are often higher with older cars too.  

Choosing a new family car isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Research the market based on the factors above to enjoy full confidence in your final judgement. 

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