The beautiful pictures of Keira Knightly’s feet and legs.

Keira Knightley is a popular British actress, she was born on 26 March 1985, and her full name is Keira Christina Knightley. No doubt, the lady is one of the most versatile actresses in the British film industry and performed well in dramatic and independent movies.

She catered some biggest commercial blockbuster movies and won three awards, such as Golden Globe awards, a couple of Academy Awards. She gained massive popularity

After her role in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, which was released in 2003. One of her most beautiful roles as Elizabeth Swan was appreciated all around the world.

She left acting and took a break in 2006 and just focused on her personal life. Knightley’s life is full of ups and downs. She fell in love with Del Synnott, but the relationship ended in 2003.

Natalie Portman received her presence in the film Star Wars. She performed in a movie like Pure, which is a British film unfolding the story of drug addicts.

Keira met James Righton and tied in the knot in 2013 and is still together.

Here, you can see the beautiful pictures of Keira Knightly’s feet and legs.


Keira Knightly


Keira Knightly


Keira Knightly


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