Jorja Fox : Partner, Facts and Gender

Jorja Fox is an American producer and actress who is well-liked in the production industry for how well she acts and how well her roles turn out.

As an actress, she has been in more than 30 movies and TV shows. However, the role of Dr. Maggie Doyle on the medical show ER, which ran from 1996 to 1999, is what she is best known for.

She also has a hit drama show called “The West Wing,” which is also under her name. Fox played Gina Toscano, a Secret Service agent, in the political drama series that came out in 2010.

Most people only know her from the movies, that’s for sure. But you’ll know more about his life, like how old he is, if he’s married, and who his wife is. We will also tell you if she is a lesbian or not, which is a controversial question.

Actress Jorja-An Fox is the daughter of Edward and Marilyn Fox, who were both born in Montreal and are of French, Belgian, and Irish heritage. She was born in New York, USA, on July 7, 1968.

Jeff Fox, Jorja’s older brother, was born in 1957. He was also raised by Edward and Marilyn. The actress grew up in Melbourne Beach, Florida, where she also went to school for two years at Melbourne High School. At the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, she learned how to be a good actor from the famous actor William Hickey.

An agent first saw Fox at a mall near her home. She started modelling after she won a local modelling contest and got the crown.


Jorja Fox

Well, the Fox actress is single and could probably get married someday. She is known to have had a boyfriend at some point in her life. Gary Dourdan is his name. From 2001 to 2002, they were together.

Gary is an actor from the United States. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 11, 1966. He became well-known because he played Warrick Brown on the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

There are no more rumours or reports about Jorja Fox’s boyfriend, marriage, or children than what has already been said.

Is Jorja Fox a lesbian?

Jorja’s career has come a long way, and she has an interesting story to tell about how she made the most of her life. One interesting thing about her life is that she loves and prefers to be with other women over men.

The model is proud to be a lesbian and has had at least three known relationships. His last known relationship was with actress Lelah Foster, who is known for her roles in The Ten Rules (2002), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), and Selena (1997).

They started dating in 2014, but after a few years, they decided to end it. Before she started dating Lelah, Jorja went on a date with actress Sami Reed, who was her lover at the time. Reed had to leave Fox’s foster home when he found out that Fox had been unfaithful to her.

Fox also met Suzanne Mara, an American actress who became her first known partner. In 2002, the two movie stars began dating, but they broke up after a while.

Fox is currently single and is probably looking for someone else to spend time with.


1. You say “Georgia” when you say the name “Jorja.”

She was fat when she was young. Plus, there was a big space between her teeth. She thought that as he got older, the distance between them would close, but she was very disappointed when that didn’t happen. The actress said that when she was 20, she decided not to worry about her teeth.

The name of Fox’s beautiful dog is Bexar. The dog was found on a street in Bexar County, Texas, and she took it in.

In 2003, Stuff’s list of the “103 Sexiest Women” ranked her as the 80th sexiest woman.

5. In addition to acting, Jorja likes to sing, play guitar, and travel.

6. She is carrying a beautiful handbag made by Matt & Nat, a vegan brand from Montreal. (

Since she was 19 years old, Fox has been a strict vegetarian. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an American group that fights for animal rights, asked her to help spread vegetarianism because she liked the vegan diet so much.

8. Her net worth is thought to be $6 million.

9. Cancer is his sun sign.

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