Jill Diven

Jill Diven is a non-celebrity who is not famous in any way. Her marriage to Brad Garrett, a renowned actor, comedian, and actor on the silver screen, brought her to the media’s attention.

Jill Driven was born and raised in the United States. Her nationality is American, and she is of mixed ethnicity. In addition to living outside the media and entertainment industry, Jill Diven is no longer related to her ex-husband, Brand.

She has two children from her previous marriage, and her ex-husband Brad Garrett is equally responsible for their children. Most people were only interested in Jill’s history and past life when she married Garrett.

He has a good personality and a good sense of humor, of course, because he is an actor and comedian. Undoubtedly, any girl would be drawn to Garrett since he possesses these characteristics. The reason for the couple splitting up is unknown and not brought in front of the public.

This blog post will look at the bio, career, children, family, and more.

Childhood and Early Life

In 2022, Brad Garrett’s ex-wife, Jill Diven, will be 58 years old, as she was born in 1964. Moreover, Diven has kept her parents’ names and details confidential.

According to her appearance, Jill is of white ethnicity in her birthplace and holds American nationality in her home. Currently, Jill keeps her siblings’ identities secret behind closed doors. Additionally, it is still being determined what Jill’s educational background is and what she has studied.

Jill’s Marriage with Brad Garrett

Diven was an ordinary girl until she met Garrett. In Las Vegas, Jill worked as a waitress and cocktail server at a bar where they met. When the couple met, Garrett had already completed six months of the rehabilitation course.

Jill and Garrett quickly became friends after their first meeting. Eventually, both of them began dating and began a relationship. The couple moved in together approximately two months later in Garrett’s Hollywood Hill apartment.

Jill became pregnant about three or four months after the couple moved together. Garrett decided to get married to Jill as soon as the news of her pregnancy reached him.

In 1999, the couple decided to marry because they saw their future together. In addition to Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett, Jill gave birth to two children.

Jill’s Ex-Husband, Brad Garrett

Jill’s ex-husband Garrett is a talented actor and comedian. Garrett was once a comedian. He began his career in the entertainment industry in this manner. Garrett achieved success as a comedian on a game show.

He gained considerable popularity and a lift-up in his career after winning this show called Star Search.

After graduating from college, he worked as a voice actor and lent his voice to iconic characters in animated films such as Finding Nemo, and I Am Legend. In addition, he appeared in a comedy series entitled Everybody That Loves.

Jill Diven ex husband

Divorce with Brad Garrett

After seven years of marriage, they split up. According to his book, Garrett says they started having problems after four years of marriage. He said both of them (Garrett and Jill) were correct in their ways; it’s just that they weren’t meant to be together.

Garrett thought he’d be a good dad. He’d seen his parents fight when he was a kid, which hurt him. He had a hard time telling his kids that their parents were divorcing. Garrett and Jill got custody of the kids.

Garrett pays a monthly support payment to his children. According to reports, Garrett gave Jill almost half the profits he earned from his work on Everybody Loves Raymond.


Jill has two children from her first marriage, a son named Max and a daughter named Hope. Jill gained custody of her children after a long-drawn custody battle. Her focus is on the well-being of her children as a single mother.

Jill and Brad’s affair began blissfully, although the start year is unknown. Jill met Garrett while waiting tables in Las Vegas. He was undergoing rehabilitation for six months at the time they met.

Garrett’s book Ball Drops shows that Diven was pregnant three months after the couple began dating. Jill and Brad rushed into their marriage to pursue their single goal of starting a family. 

Jill and Max were married eight months after Jill gave birth to her first child. In their wedding photographs, 8-month-old Max is dressed in a sharp tuxedo. She is on Facebook and Twitter, but she rarely posts anything online.

Currently, her primary focus is on her two children. According to her, she is not married or in a relationship and is believed to be single.

Children’s Current Relationship with Their Father

Jill and Garrett split up, but Garrett maintains a healthy relationship with his children, Max and Hope. Garrett frequently posts pictures of himself with his children on social media.

Garrett is engaged to a girlfriend with whom he recently got engaged. She is almost 20 years younger than he is. In one of his latest photographs, Garrett can be seen posing with his two children from Jill and his current fiancée.

The relationship Garrett has developed with his children is healthy and happy. Garrett is undoubtedly a responsible and caring father, even though he was not the best husband to his ex-wife.

Height and Weight

Jill Diven stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m), and she weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs) or approximately 121 pounds when she stands up. In her appearances with her ex-husband,Diven stands at a moderate height when standing with them.

Net worth

According to sources, Diven’s estimated net worth in March 2023 is not disclosed; she has amassed a substantial fortune due to her ex-spouse’s maintenance.

Garrett, Diven’s ex-husband, needs to pay $20,000 per month in child support and $35,000 per month in alimony until December 31, 2018; otherwise, the license will be revoked. In addition to the actor’s residual income, she receives $55,000 monthly for their child’s maintenance.


Who is Jill Diven?

Diven is a non-celebrity known primarily for marrying actor, comedian, and TV personality Brad Garrett. She is an American and of mixed ethnicity.

How did Diven meet Brad Garrett?

Diven met Brad Garrett in Las Vegas while working as a waitress and cocktail server at a bar. Garrett was undergoing a rehabilitation program at the time of their meeting.

How many children do Jill and Brad Garrett have?

Jill and Brad Garrett have two children, Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett.

Why did Diven and Brad Garrett divorce?

The exact reasons for their divorce are unknown. A book by Brad Garrett claims the couple started having problems after four years of marriage. They divorced after seven years of marriage.


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