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Jeremy Yaffe is a television personality who gained public attention due to her famous ex-husband. According to reports, Jeremy Yaffe’s ex-husband fell in love with a non-celebrity.

In 1937, Jeremy Yaffe was born in Massachusetts, United States of America. Although her birth date is unknown, she appears to be 85.

Therefore, she was born to George Yaffe and Ninna Yaffee. Jeremy is an American citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

This article describes Jeremy Yaffe’s biography, education, and career.

Birth and Childhood

Jeremy Yaffe was born in 1937. Her exact birth date is unknown, but judging by her birth year, she is about 82 years old.

Jeremy refers to George Yaffe and Ninna Yaffe as his father and mother, respectively. Most information about Jeremy’s childhood remains unknown due to her non-celebrity status.

She may or may not have a sibling, and her parents were commoners. Although Jeremy’s parents are Caucasian, he was born and raised in Massachusetts, the United States.

He, therefore, holds the nationality of the United States. She grew up in a loving and caring household. Her personality indicates that she was raised in a respectful and ideal family.


Yaffe is an educated individual who attended and graduated from the local high school. Her future husband was already a junior or senior at the college where she was a freshman.

She joined Bennington College after speaking with an old friend, John Bennes, who had earned a scholarship there.

The In-Laws actor was broke when Bennes invited Arkin to apply to Bennington College. He enrolled in the drama class at Bennington after arriving at the university. Arkin initially paid nothing for food, tuition, or other expenses.

In his biography, Arkin writes that when his scholarship ran out, he married then-18-year-old Jeremy Yaffe on the spur of the moment. At the time, she was a student at Bennington College studying music and dance.

Career Line

Jeremy Yaffe worked as a medical attendant for a significant period. The professional background of the candidate should also be provided.

She rose to prominence after her marriage and divorce from superstar entertainer Alan Arkin. Alan Arkin, her ex-husband, is well known for his roles in Popi, Stand by Until Dim, and The Russians Are Coming.

A famous American entertainer, screenwriter, and chief, he is well known worldwide. In 1966, the Russians were coming; in 1967, Stand by Until Dull; in 1968, The Heart Was a Forlorn Tracker; in 1969, Popi; in 1970, Conundrum. In 1979, The Parents in Law, in 1990, The Rocketeer, in 1991, in 1992, in 2001, in 2006, in 2008, in Thirteen Discussions Around One Thing, and 2006.

Body Measurements

Jeremy Yaffe is a very old man with a lovely face. No details regarding her weight, body measurement, height, or any other body aspect are available. Her skin type is fair, she has blonde hair color, and she has a pair of brown eyes as well.

Her Marriage

Jeremy met her celebrity husband, Alan Arkin when she was a teen. Alan Arkin is an actor, writer, and director. He has appeared in several films and television shows over the years. His famous movies include Little Miss Sunshine, The Russians and Coming, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, and Argo.

During the 70s and 80s, he became a famous actor for both roles on the side and in the lead. We are still determining how they met or fell in love.

Although Jeremy married Alan when she was only 18 years old, it is shocking. Her early marriage may have been due to primitive thinking, or perhaps she knew she would be happy with him. In 1955, the couple exchanged vows and became legally married.

More information about the wedding venue or the exact date must be provided, which suggests a private ceremony.

Adam Arkin was born after just one year of marriage, on 19 August 1956. Matthew Arkin was born four years later, on 21 March 1960. Her sons were well taken care of by Jeremy.

Jeremy Yaffe’s Divorce

In 1961, this lovely couple parted ways. Approximately six years were spent together. The couple’s divorce deprived their son of a happy family. Adam and Matthew were relatively young when their parents separated. Jeremy initially took custody of her sons and took care of them.

However, Mathew began living with his father in California when he was seven. Alan’s father had married actress Barbara Dana at that time. Jeremy’s ex-husband Alan, Barbara Dana, and Mathew (Jeremy’s son) lived together as a family back then. Mathew received a stepbrother in 1967, Anthony, the son of his father and stepmother, Barbara Dana.

Relationship Status and Controversy

Jeremy Yaffe was previously married to actor Alan Arkin. In 1995, Jeremy walked down the aisle and exchanged vows with Alan. There is, however, only information available regarding their first meeting and the location of their marriage. Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin are the couple’s two children.

Matthew was born on March 21, 1960, and Adam on August 19, 1956. After her divorce, Yaffe decided to live alone and raise her child as a single mother.

In 1964, Alan married actress Barbara Dana. Anthony Dana Arkin was the child of Dana and Arkin in 1967. Jeremy is not involved in any controversy and maintains a clean image in the industry.


Yaffe was born and raised by her parents in Massachusetts. George Yaffe was the father, and Ninna Yaffee was the mother. Although we tried to locate more information about her family, we could not do so since no such information was publicly available.


There are two sons that Yaffe and her ex-husband Alan Arkin have been blessed with, namely, Adam Arkin, born August 19, 1956, and Matthew Arkin, born March 21, 1960, who are both part of the Yaffe family.

Where is Jeremy Yaffe Now?

Jeremy lived alone after her divorce since it was impossible to locate information about her social connections. In 1964, however, her ex-husband married Barbara Dana, an entertainer and screenwriter. He married Suzanne Newlander, a psychotherapist, for the second time in 1964.

The children of Yaffe’s marriage to Barbara Dana, who gave birth to Anthony (Tony) Dana Arkin in 1967, have a stage brother. Jeremy is currently living a luxurious lifestyle in the United States of America. Additionally, she has worked as a medical assistant.

Net worth

Jeremy Yaffe earns a decent income from her career, but how much she makes is still being determined. Yaffe could increase her net worth from her previous employment as a nurse. Yaffe’s net worth has yet to be disclosed.

Regarding her ex-husband, Alan, he is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $15 million. Additionally, Jeremy’s older son has a net worth of approximately $10 million, and her younger son has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Both of them are actors.


Who is Jeremy Yaffe?

She is a television personality who came into the limelight due to her famous ex-husband, Alan Arkin. She was a medical attendant by profession.

Who was Jeremy Yaffe’s ex-husband and how is he known?

Her ex-husband is Alan Arkin, an American actor, screenwriter, and director famous for his roles in movies like 'Popi,' 'Stand by Until Dim,' and 'The Russians Are Coming.'

How many children does Jeremy Yaffe have, and who are they?

Jeremy has two sons with her ex-husband, Alan Arkin. Their names are Adam Arkin (born August 19, 1956) and Matthew Arkin (born March 21, 1960).


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