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Jazzy Distefano is a strong and inspirational woman who inspires many people. She played an essential role in encouraging women and men to be fit and live healthy lifestyles due to her efforts. She conducts strength workout sessions, group fitness classes, and Zumba dance fitness sessions as a trainer, Jazzy or Jazz.

The fitness industry has always been a passion for Jazzy since childhood. Her athletic background as a child led her to participate in various sports programs at school. She maintained a fit body during college while taking classes and studying.

This article will provide information about Jazzy Distefano’s early life, family, career, and net worth.

 Birth and Childhood

Jazzy was born on 27 April 1984. She comes from a non-celebrity family. Her childhood was nothing out of the ordinary. Jazzy was originally from Brooklyn, New York, United States. Jazzy is an American of white ethnicity. The names of her parents are Edwin Canuelas and Liz Canuelas.

Her family was well-to-do. In addition to her parents, she lived with her sister, Jessica Canuelas. Most of Jazzy’s education took place within the confines of her hometown. Jazzy only moved to a few cities to pursue his education.

Distefano was always into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. During her school years, she played a lot of sports. Jazzy completed her higher education simultaneously as she pursued her passion for fitness side by side.


Jazzy graduated from high school with a university education and is very educated. However, the celebrity only reveals a little about the higher education she has acquired over the years. Regardless, one thing is sure; she has the required license to operate as a fitness trainer in California.

Additionally, she is a fantastic dancer and can tutor a group of fitness dancers. There is no doubt that Jazzy is a woman with extraordinary talents, an enterprising personality, and an independent spirit.

Work Experience

Jazzy was a personal trainer before she gained certification as a fitness expert. The following year, she became certified in Zumba and founded a Zumba workout group where people could practice Zumba. Her career as a fitness professional was overshadowed by her status as a celebrity wife.

Jazzy wisely used her influence to establish a fitness channel on YouTube. In addition to educational materials and classes about fitness, she also offers sponsored studies on the Patreon website. She effectively optimized the sponsored YouTube videos to generate revenue for Jazzy.

Furthermore, Jazzy appeared in her husband’s YouTube videos as well. Her social media popularity has increased, and her YouTube channel has gained more subscribers. In 2021, Jazzy’s video with her husband garnered thousands of likes and nearly 100,000 views. Jazzy has also appeared in Chris’ YouTube videos.

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Physical Appearance

In her late 30s, Distefano is a stunning young woman who stands 5 feet 4 inches from the ground, approximately 1.64 meters high.  She has a slim body type with a weight of 57 kg, which is 127 lbs, and her other measurements are 34 inches in chest size, 27 inches in waist size, and 34 inches in hip size. In addition to his expressive black eyes, Jazzy has long, dark-brown hair.


Jazzy Distefano’s story begins when she suffers from postpartum depression and decides to start working as a fitness trainer. There is no doubt that she is a successful Zumba instructor. As well as looking great, she also makes sure that people stay fit by helping them stay in shape.

Jazzy always trains women to keep in shape by keeping them active. Since she has suffered from postpartum depression, she works as a fitness trainer to relax and get out of her head. After giving birth, she has been able to help other mothers to stay free.

There is a new program being offered by Distefano called the Jazzy Method. Therefore, the program is a combination of body height training and music training. 

Relationship Status and Controversy

Jazzy is a married woman who married her long-term boyfriend, Chris Distefano, in 1999. In 2015, Jazzy married her husband and exchanged vows with him. After welcoming their first child in 2015, Delilah Distefano, they expected a second child in 2021, Violette Luna Distefano.

A YouTube video in which Chris announces his pregnancy reveals the couple’s subsequent pregnancy. Jazzy has not been involved in controversial matters and can maintain a clean image in the music industry.

About her husband

Jazzy’s husband is Chris Distefano. His career started on MTV shows Girl Code and Guy Code. He is famous for his observational humor. He is of German descent and goes by Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano. He attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens, where he grew up.

He studied psychology and played basketball at St. Joseph’s College. His doctorate is from the New York Institute of Technology. His first career was as a pediatric physical therapist. Furthermore, he began stand-up comedy in August 2009.

In 2010, he hosted the Fencing Masters on SNY. He headlined Caroline’s Breakout Artist Series. In 2011, he was a finalist in the NY Comedy Festival. After that, he did stand-up comedy. His appearances on MTV shows include Guy Code, Girl Code, Off the Bat, Guy Court, and The Challenge.

He became one of the Netflix announcers. In 2019, he started performing and touring. After that, he completed his first standup special. The show premiered on Comedy Central in the United States.

Jazzy Distefano husband


Jazzy has one son and two daughters, and the son is from her previous relationship, whereas the daughters are Chris’ biological children. Jazzy announced her first pregnancy just a few days after the couple became pregnant. However, the announcement of the birth of their second child was a complete surprise to all of their followers.

Their second pregnancy was announced late, almost near the due date. Jazzy posted a picture of her and Chris admiring Jazzy’s pregnant belly. Jazzy became interested in helping mothers combat depression and lose weight after pregnancy after her second pregnancy.

She frequently expresses gratitude for the opportunity to be a mother. After having her second child, she became aware of her mother’s difficulties. When Jazzy encountered this dilemma, she became inspired to assist others.

Net worth 

Jazzy Distefano’s husband has an estimated net worth of $33 million. His primary source of revenue comes from special episodes and television shows. He began his career in a small comedy club and became a great comedian. As a result, he has become one of the most sought-after celebrities.

Additionally, he hosted several shows and entertained people with his wit and humor. As well as hosting several podcasts, he also produces audiobooks. He is now thirty-seven years old. Detailed information regarding Jazzy Distefano’s net worth should be available.

Nevertheless, her successful career allows her to earn a living. She is also a certified Zumba instructor well known in the community. In addition, she participates in some of her husband’s podcasts.


Who is Jazzy Distefano?

Jazzy was an instructor who taught Zumba to people worldwide. She is also a certified spin instructor and a group fitness instructor.

What was Jazzy famous for?

Jazzy is famous for being Chris Distefano's wife, a well-known American comedian.

Who is Jazzy’s husband?

Chris Distefano, one of the most famous stand-up comedians in the world, was Jazzy's husband.

What’s the name of Distefano’sfitness program?

Distefano's fitness program is known as the Jazzy method, and its name comes from him.


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