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Jackie Steves was born to Rick and Anna Steves in Washington, United States. Her father is a famous American travel writer, and she is the only child of her father. However, she has a brother named Andy, who runs Weekend Student Adventures Europe, a travel company.

Jackie has no other siblings except for Andy. After meeting in a California Barstow restaurant in 1982, Jackie’s parents began dating before marriage in 1984 in the presence of close family and friends. In 2010, they filed for divorce after over two decades of marriage. Anne has been single since getting divorced.

In this article, we will explore Jackie Steve’s biography, including her age, career education, net worth, etc.

Early Life

The name Jackie Steves was given to her at an unknown time and place when she was born. Her parents, Anne Steves, and Rick Steves, were the ones who brought her into this world.

There is no way to know this young personality’s exact date of birth, so it is impossible to determine her exact age. Additionalsamehe has a brother named Andy, who runs a travel company called Weekend Student Adventure Europe, a travel agency she founded with her sister.


After completing high school, she joined Columbia University as a student at the end of her high school career. Her profession hasn’t been revealed, but she is often spotted on her father’s travel blogs, often filled with her travel stories. 

Career & Lifestyle

Despite many people’s expectations, Jackie is following a different career path than her parents. She currently works as a teacher at Notre Dam Academy, where she teaches various subjects. In addition, she is a student at Sacred Heart Josephium Academy, which is a Christian school. 

Jackie Steves

Awards and Nominations

Jackie Stevens has never received an award, but she might receive one as she follows in her father’s footsteps and travels to several countries. However, when he won the Independent Publisher Book Award, her father gained recognition for his travel book.

Physical Appearance

The height of Jackie is 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight has remained around 55 kg, 121 pounds, throughout her adult life. In addition to these things, she has a beautiful body with a fit body, but its measurements, such as its chest size, waist size, and hip size, are unknown.

It includes his chest size, waist size, and hip size. Although she is beautiful with blonde hair and brown eyes, she also has a humble personality and looks great.


 Jackie Steves is Rick Steves’ daughter, known for her travel writing, fiction, activism, and TV work. Anna Steves was her mother. She is a social activist. Jackie grew up in a family of activists. Jackie’s parents divorced when she was a young child.

After seeing each other for a few years, the couple became married. However, the couple separated in 2010 after a few years together. There is no indication as to why they divorced. Andy runs Weekend Student Adventures Europe, her brother’s travel business.

Jackie Steves’s Relationship

She has been engaged for many years to an adventurer, actor, producer, and designer, Damian Conrad Davis, who lives in North Dakota. After dating for a year, Jackie and Davis decided to get engaged.

Jackie Steves family

Is Jackie Steves Married? 

Damian Conrad Davies is Jackie’ husband. He has been married for a few years now. He is from North Dakota and works as an actor, designer, and producer, along with a writer.

The couple began dating in 2017 and became engaged in August 2019 before tying the knot in 2022, after which the two have been together ever since. Jackie’ wedding ceremony and reception occurred at Tulalip Resort in Puget Sound.

A colorful event was held in the company of friends, family members, and dancers who all contributed to making the event a success. 

Net Worth 

The exact details regarding Jackie Steves’s professional career are unknown now. She has a net worth of $600k, but she does not have any assets. There is, however, no information about the annual salary she will earn throughout her career.

On the other hand, the net worth of her father is estimated to be around $10 million. She has been living a luxurious lifestyle in the company of her family members, without a doubt.


Does Jackie Steves have any siblings?

Yes, Jackie Steves has a brother named Andy who runs a Weekend Student Adventures Europe travel company.

What is Jackie Steves’ profession?

Jackie Steves currently works as a teacher at Notre Dam Academy, where she teaches various subjects.

What is Jackie Steves’ net worth?

Jackie Steves' net worth is estimated to be $600k, although information about her annual salary is unknown.

What is Jackie Steves’ brother’s occupation?

Jackie Steves' brother, Andy, runs a travel company called Weekend Student Adventures Europe.


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