Inflatable Kiddie Pools For Your Kids

When you are looking for long-term ways of keeping your children busy and give them the opportunity to get some exercise at the same time, purchasing inflatable kiddie pools for your kids is the way to go. An inflatable kiddie pool can keep kids occupied for hours on end during a sweaty hot afternoon. 

Just because your children are begging you to go swimming doesn’t mean you are always going to be in the mood to get soaking wet in the water right along with them. With kiddie pools, you have the perfect excuse to stay dry while they get to do all the floating for the both of you while you simply supervise their safety. Let’s take a look at how to make inflatable kiddie pools useful and safe. 

 Kiddie Pool Convenience 

 Inflatable kiddie pools are fun and straightforward. They aren’t all about learning how to swim. The objective is more about keeping cool in the warm weather and getting small children used to being in the water in a way that is less intimidating than going out in a wide-open lake. 

Kiddie pools also help your kids feel like they are away on vacation while they are in your backyard without having to leave your property. This saves time and money, a win-win situation for everybody. 

 Inflatable Kiddie Pool Safety  

If your inflatable pool has a drain plug, remove the plug and drain, or connect a garden hose if you want to prevent over-saturation or erosion. 

If there isn’t a drain plug in your kiddie pool, you can use a garden hose to siphon out the majority of the water out, to a point where you can flip it over to empty it. You can also use a small submersible pump.

The water in a kiddie pool should be changed no less than every two weeks. If you are not adding chlorine to get rid of bacteria, the pool should be drained out every other day. Water without chlorine only needs about 24-48 hours to become unhealthy. 

Keeping Kiddie Pools Clean

Removing dirt and other organic contaminants out of your kiddie pool is crucial to keeping the water safe for swimming. It is not recommended to put pets in an inflatable pool.

Pool Leaf Rakes are skim nets that have been attached to a deep bag with a beveled front edge for the purpose of scooping debris. For a more minuscule kiddie pool, just connect the net to a pool pole and drag it around the surface of the pool and push it all along the floor. 

You can also use a Leaf Rake without a pole if you so chose and skim the pool by hand. Leaf Rakes are typically more convenient to use than skimmer nets that have to be dipped into the water and then have to be flipped to remove the debris that they have captured. 

If your inflatable pool doesn’t have a designated cover that fits tight like a fitted sheet, there is still no reason to worry. You can get around this problem using a basic tarp and bricks or bungees to make sure that it stays in place securely.

You can also use a small solar cover and warm the water up by allowing the sun to hit it while blocking out animals, leaves, and dirt. In order to keep your inflatable kiddie pool clean, you can also use a rechargeable, battery-operated vacuum.

Now that you have a better understanding of how you can keep your child safe while swimming in an inflatable kiddie pool, as well as strategies to maintain one, what are you waiting for? Go get yours.

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