How to Start a Conversation with a Girl you like 

Have you been thinking about chatting with the girl you like? Rest assured that it would be a daunting task for a shy person or a person not very good at starting conversations. If you were finding it difficult to start a conversation with the girl you like, find below a few important tips to help you befriend the girl you like or the girl of your dreams. 

When you look forward to chatting with a girl you like, consider a few essential rules of chatting online. These main rules should be adhered to at all times to begin chatting with the girl of your dreams. 

Be comfortable 

Are you uncomfortable? Do you make the other person uncomfortable? Rest assured that you would lose the initiative. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to find something common between you and the girl you like. Anything that interests her would be a good conversation starter. You do not have to be a genius to find topics for conversation. However, you should have interests and hobbies to share. A person supporting a natural conversation about an interesting topic would be much more interesting than the one who had armed himself with pre-written tips while keeping a fragile hope for a date. 

Make a list 

It would be pertinent to be prepared with everything. You should begin by making a list of everything you are interested in. It would help you largely if you pay attention to the details. For instance, rather than delving into chat on music or sex video chat, you should discuss playing the guitar or any instrument, visiting concerts, and collecting old and rare albums. It would be far more intriguing to chat about visiting a concert than to talk about music in general. 

Make a note about the opinion on every topic 

When you make a note about the opinion given by the girl on every topic, you would be able to know her better. It would also help understand yourself better. Talking about a specific topic that you are interested in would help you talk confidently. You would be able to explain your reason for being interested in the topic. Moreover, it would help you make an interesting person chat or talk. 

Practice conversation 

It would be pertinent that you practice in conversation if you were not able to speak well. Rest assured that the simplest thing to be done for improving your comfort level would be through conversation. When you talk, you begin to understand how to talk better and you would feel less shy. It would be pertinent to talk to the girls, regardless of what you talk about. The conversation could be about your school, work, or anything else. It would help you learn about nothing to fear in having a conversation with a girl. 

If you were skeptical about starting a conversation with a girl you like, consider having a chat with familiar girls. It would help you boost your confidence to eventually talk to the girl you like. 

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