How To Play Elden Ring On A 21:9 Aspect Ratio Ultrawide Monitor

Elden Ring doesn’t support the 21:9 aspect ratio by default, so even when you play on an ultrawide monitor, the game will stick to the 16:9 ratio. So you can only use the middle part of the screen. In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll talk about how to play the game on an ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Playing Elden Ring On An Ultrawide Monitor

Elden Ring doesn’t officially support ultrawide monitors, but you can use mods on PC to run it on a 21:9 monitor. You can get the version made by uberhalit from GitHub. On Nexus Mods, you can also get Ultrawide UI Fixes from Dziggy.

The UI Fixes from Dziggy not only let you play the game correctly on an ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio, but they also let you move HUD elements around to make the most of the extra screen space.

The mod also fixes loading screens, cutscene transitions, and the flickering that some users may have seen when playing Elden Ring on ultrawide monitors. If you install the mod, it should make your game more immersive and fun.

This is how Elden Ring can be played on ultrawide monitors.

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