How to make your PG room livable

The time has finally arrived. Say goodbye to your parents bursting into your room unannounced, siblings stealing your clothes and that horrible pink floral wallpaper that’s been on your bedroom walls longer than you’ve been alive. You’re finally moving to a new city for college and getting your very own space. A new room for a new you. 

You’ve packed up all your things, and landed at your new digs all bright-eyed and excited. You climb up teh stairs, grumble awkward hellos to your potential roommates, before hurriedly going down the hall to find your room. And there it is. You unlock the door for the first time and lo and behold… A room the size of a matchbox.

Yup, that’s pretty much everyone’s experience of moving into a hostel or PG. You’re given a pretty basic room that is just able to fit the essentials: bed, desk and door. But hey, look on the bright side.

It may be bare and small, but at least it’s yours. And what’s more, bigger isn’t always better. Especially with our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to turn your pint-sized student housing into the ultimate college dorm room. 

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Whether you live in a girls’ hostel in Chennai or a PG for men in Bangalore, lighting is super important to create a pleasant ambience in your room. That warm glow from a floor lamp can make your bedroom feel so much more homely. Or if you’re the workaholic sort, a desk lamp will be ideal for studying.

To save on space, you can look into getting wall lamps. Having more than one main light not only helps brighten a room but also allows you to focus them on more practical places like a study table. That goes for sockets too – find practical places so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the light.

And while we’re at it, don’t forget natural lighting. The more light you can let in, the larger, brighter and more open your room will appear. So, remove those bulky curtains that cover-up half the window even when they’re open, and replace them with sleeker ones or even blinds.


Mirror mirror on the wall, please make this tiny room seem less small. This spell does work! Mirrors are amazing at making a room appear larger – even when it’s not. If your room doesn’t come with a full-length mirror, don’t hesitate to get one. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap mirrors out there so you don’t need to splash cash but it’ll definitely make all the difference to your room. The best place to put your mirror can depend on your floor space, but a great space-saving idea is to put it on the back of your door. There’ll always be room to stand behind it and utilize the vertical space that isn’t likely to be used otherwise.  

Wall space

Think about it, you probably have a lot more free wall space than you do floor space or desk space. So use every inch that you can (but don’t overcrowd it or you’ll end up making the room feel smaller and more cluttered). There’s a whole world of hacks for wall decor and space-saving ideas on websites like Pinterest that you can explore to make the most of your room. You customise it to create a perfect study area by hanging a blackboard over your desk, or put up – if you’re allowed – shelves. And don’t forget the photos and posters you can put up to make the space seem like your own. Walls are where you can really save on space and let your personality shine through, so use them well.

 Extra storage space

Making even more space in your existing storage spaces is the winner’s way of dealing with a small room. There are a few sneaky places that you can use for extra storage space.

An obvious one is under the bed. But instead of just cramming anything and everything under there, we recommend buying specific boxes and drawers designed for underbed storage.

It will be a lot easier to organise and find things if they have their own compartments. You can also create more space in your wardrobe by adding extra hooks to the back of the door. Or make the most of your drawers with drawer dividers, so that things aren’t just stored, they’re organised.

And finally, if you aren’t using the back of your door to hang a mirror as we suggested (rude!) then we strongly suggest you buy a door hanger, perfect for hanging your bulky jackets, or even your umbrellas and keys.


With small hostels and PG rooms, you can only get a few items of furniture so it is essential to make the most of them.

Your bed is obviously the most important thing in your bedroom. But it serves another function in most college dorms too — a sofa.

A place to chill out in the day and invite your new roomies in for chats. Why not push it against the wall to give it a more sofa-like feel? Or add extra cushions during the day so you can sit up on it comfortably. See? Your room’s growing already.

No matter the size of your college room, it should be a reflection of your vibe. That’s why we recommend leaving behind the poorly designed hostels and PGs and choosing accommodation that’s designed to keep your needs, comforts and aspirations in mind. Like Stanza Living.

They won’t just give you a tiny room on the top of a terrace somewhere. You’ll get your own fully furnished space with the best of amenities.

And they’ve already got many of the things we suggested – trendy shelving units, cloth hangers in cupboards and a pin-up board (to give your space a splash of your personality).

In fact, it won’t just be your room that becomes a haven. You’ll be able to chill in the entertainment lounges and gaming zones for as long as you wish.

Now that’s got to be the best space for you to embark on your new journey.

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