CBD oil has recently gained attention among people with its numerous beneficial properties. New sellers and brands are pouring into the market with the growth in popularity of this oil. Each of them claims to be delivering the best and finest quality oils, so choosing a suitable product can be confusing. And it is not always easy for interested buyers to find reliable CBD oil for sale. The article will explain how to find top-quality oil and what qualities you must look for.


What to Look For When Buying CBD Oil?

Following are a few necessary factors to look into when purchasing CBD oil.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA)

It is one of the most crucial tools to determine the purity and quality of a CBD product. It will make the customer ensure that he is getting the amount of CBD he is paying for. Sometimes, a product’s COA is available on the company’s website. If it is not present, the company will send the customer a copy if he requests one.

If the company does not include a COA or fails to send one, the customer can consider it a red flag. Such actions show a lack of transparency. In such cases, either the company has not tested the validity or safety of its products, or it got troublesome results that it does not want to publish.

Reliable COAs of a product should feature at least three panels:

  • The cannabinoid analysis indicates the concentration and weight of the cannabinoids available in the product.
  • The heavy metals analysis: It specifies the levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic available in the product. High exposure to heavy metals can lead to numerous health issues, like kidney damage. Quantities of more than 0.003 mg/mL of lead, 0.001 mg/mL of cadmium, and 0.0001 mg/mL of mercury are considered problematic.
  • The pesticides analysis: This measures traces of the components used to protect plants throughout the farming process. Usage of too many pesticides can lead to hormone disruption, poor immunity, and liver toxicity. Parental exposure to harmful pesticides can also lead to cancer and congenital disabilities in children.

A Certificate of Analysis may also contain contents like mycotoxins, terpenes, and residual solvents.

Third-Party Testing

Using a third-party laboratory to test the products is another crucial part of a COA and proof of the company’s trustworthiness. Results should be error-free and unbiased with third-party testing.

A considerable section of legitimate and authentic CBD oil brands are eager to share third-party lab results with the customers. These lab results will ensure that the oil is pure with low THC levels, free of impurities, and has high CBD levels.

Third-Party Testing

Place Where Hemp is Grown

The source of a product matters when buying any product. Hemp plants suck up everything available in the place where it was harvested and cultivated. A hemp plant that is grown in rich soil should be of the finest quality. The CBD extracted from such plants should be high-quality as well.

Similarly, a hemp plant that grew in soil that is heavy with metals such as mercury and lead should be avoided. The CBD extracted from it is not safe for regular consumption.

Customers can find the details about the land on the retailer/manufacturer’s website or in their support center.

Amount of THC Present in CBD Oil

Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the main cannabinoids available in marijuana and agricultural hemp. The original quantity of THC should not be above 0.3%. For this reason, customers should always check the labels or ask for laboratory results before buying the CBD oil for sale.

How To Find A High-Quality CBD Brand?

Many CBD companies are available with a wide variety of CBD oils. But choosing a specific brand can be confusing, so go through these below steps to shorten your search and get the perfect CBD oil brand for you.

  • Read the COA: Any trustworthy CBD brand will have a COA. The more extensive the analysis, the more the company pays for quality testing and transparency. When purchasing CBD oil online, you will be able to get the COA on the brand’s website.
  • Ask queries: A retail store or dispensary staff should have adequate knowledge of their products. If they don’t know or fail to provide you with the information about a product, check out the details of the brand yourself or look for other stores.
  • Search for organic: CBD cultivated through organic processes should be of superior quality in taste, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Check customer reviews: An online brand has numerous customer reviews of the purchased products. Before buying the oil, you must check those reviews to get satisfaction.

How To Find A High-Quality CBD Brand

Bottom Line

Most medicated CBD oil brands supply superior-quality CBD oils, and the same cannot happen for all brands. The full legalization of hemp will develop CBD regulations and enforcement in the future. Until it occurs, consumers should be extra careful about CBD brands. Gain a little knowledge by researching the products and buying from a reliable brand.


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