How to Connect Roku TV with Cable Box

A Roku TV captures the essence of a Roku — a device that provides you access to a ton of streaming services — and places it into a smart TV with hundreds of impressive features. One of these features is that users have full authority to change the Roku TV default input source. So, if you are a traditional TV viewer, and use a cable box for prime TV viewing, you can set it as your default. 

Feeling intimidated about how to connect Roku TV with cable box? Do not worry. Connecting the two is not as tricky as you think. In this blog, we will take you through the entire process in detail. 

So, let’s get started!

Connecting Roku TV with Cable Box

Firstly, pay close attention to video and audio input of both devices. Roku TV has numerous input ports present on the right and left side, and it also has various USB ports, coaxial ports, HDMI ports, and an AV input with an adapter.

Next, examine your cable box and check which input it needs For an old device, you will most likely need an AV input with an adapter. If you have the latest one, you can go with either an HDMI input or a coaxial cable. Remember these cords do not necessarily come with your TV. If you are wondering whether cable services in my area provide these or not, you can always call them up and ask. In case they don’t, you can always order them online. 

Now, what you need is a Roku TV remote to turn off your TV. Then, use a suitable cable to connect both devices and follow the steps mentioned below: 

Using HDMI Cable with Roku TV 

First, turn on your cable TV and then Roku TV. Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Home button on Roku TV remote and press it to access the home screen
  2. Navigate to the quick access menu located on the right 
  3. Highlight HDMI 1 card option
  4. Press OK button on remote. 

You can now see all the content from your cable box. Use Roku TV remote to browse through various channels. 

Using a Coaxial Cable with Roku TV 

For this, first, plug coaxial cable into both Roku TV and cable box. Use the remote to turn on your Roku TV.

  1. Find and press the Home button on Roku TV remote 
  2. Navigate to the Antenna card using the arrow keys on the remote 
  3. Press OK to confirm
  4. Choose ‘Start finding channels’ option to set up your cable antenna and discover all available channels.
  5. Wait for the scanning process to finish.

Your TV will send you a notification about the total number of channels discovered and update you about successful completion of your cable box setup procedure. As long as your Roku TV is connected to the cable box, you will be able to access it through the Antenna card.

Bottom Line

If you have to decide between coaxial cable and HDMI, go for an HDMI. It is the easiest way to connect your Roku TV and cable box. Additionally, it offers the best video and audio quality. Just make sure you subscribe to one of the best cable TV providers in your area that are convenient and hassle-free, like Mediacom cable. Good luck!

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