How is the UKGC related to Online Casinos? 

Over the past couple of decades the casino gambling world has seen a whole load of huge and exciting developments, so much so that the industry today is pretty much unrecognisable to what it was like at the end of the 20th century. One of the main reasons for this has been the ludicrously fast rise of the online casino industry, something that has very quickly become the largest gambling market in the entire casino and gambling industry. And if you have ever gambled on an online casino there should be no surprise there either. 

But here’s the thing: it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the online casino industry, in fact during the 1990s it was having a fairly difficult time breaking through, mainly because of the lack of Internet-based technology available. There was also the problem of things like advertising because the online casino industry was still new there wasn’t much legislation in place to allow for advertising and other such things. Well, this is where regulatory bodies like the UKGC come in to ensure that players will only play at safe and regulated sites. Keep reading for an article on how the UKGC is related to online casinos. 

The Gambling Act 2005 

If we’re talking about the UKGC in relation to online casinos there is one major thing to mention first, and that is The Gambling Act 2005, a piece of legislation passed by the UK government back in 2005 that set out a roadmap for how to police the increasingly prominent online casino industry. Before this there was very little legal framework on the matter, something that was in turn putting gamblers at risk unnecessarily. 

With The Gambling Act 2005 the UK government set forth a series of rules and regulations that would make sure that online casino platforms would contribute positively to the gambling world, and not get carried away. In order to oversee this the UKGC was created, and it still does heaps of fantastic legislative work today.

An overview of the UKGC 

So then, what actually is the UKGC? Well, the first thing to say here is that UKGC stands for UK Gambling Commission, and it is a regulatory body that was set up after the UK government passed The Gambling Act 2005. It is roughly the same kind of thing as other gambling regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gambling Authority. 

In order for an online casino platform to operate within the UK it must first receive a license from the UK Gambling Commission, and in order to obtain this the platform must abide by a number of rules and regulations. 

How does the UKGC relate to online casinos? 

How does the UKGC relate to online casinos? Well, the answer is quite simple – without the UKGC online casinos legally would not be able to exist in the UK. 

Are there online casinos that aren’t related to the UKGC? 

And are there online casinos that aren’t related to the UKGC? Of course, however they will be licensed by another body like the aforementioned Malta Gambling Authority.

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