How is Alex Johnston? The youngest star of “7 Little Johnstons” fights death rumors.

The well-known reality show “7 Little Johnstons” on TLC covers the day-to-day activities of the seven younger members of the Johnston family, who are originally from the state of Georgia. The affected members of the family all have a hereditary condition known as achondroplasia dwarfism.

Trent and Amber Johnston are the kids’ parents. Their biological children are Jonah and Elizabeth. Anna, Alex, and Emma all came from different places when they were adopted. Because they are short, the Johnstons have had a number of health problems. Alex Johnston, who is the youngest, was found to have central sleep apnea in 2017.

In one episode of the show, Alex’s doctor told his family that his illness was caused by pressure on his brain stem, but that wasn’t the first time Alex’s health caused concern.

Alex Johnston

Alex had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids six months before he was diagnosed. This was part of a bigger health problem. At the time, Amber said, “We were hoping that this would make everything better, but it hasn’t.”

“It’s clear that our bodies are different from those of average-sized people,” she said. “The bone around the base of our heads, where the brain stem meets the spinal cord, is always very tight.”

Their doctor also told them why Alex has been having the same problem over and over again. The doctor said, “When this happens, the pressure on the brain stem comes from the bottom of the skull getting smaller.”

He also said, “This is what tells our body to take a breath when we need to. So when pressure is put on this area, it doesn’t work right.”

Before the surgery, Amber said that she would do anything for her son, which is what any mother would do in that situation. Trent and Amber knew they had to have surgery, but they were always worried that something would go wrong.

Alex Johnston 2

The List said in a story that Alex has been through a lot since the start. He has had a hard time getting adopted, a scary brain surgery, and a few more scary medical scares on top of that.

Alex Johnston seems to be having the best time of his life right now as a high school student. He celebrated homecoming week with Emma Johnston and the rest of his classmates, according to the family’s Instagram account.

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