How Do I Trick My Location On Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best entertaining platforms among all. It makes it better when you get the ability to access the content of other countries too. Changing country on Netflix is so easy if you know how to do it in a good way. We will provide you the step for how to change country on the Netflix account. You might hear about the VPN service which is the best way to change Netflix location on your devices. We will also tell you which one you should pick to access other region’s Netflix content. 

How Do I Change My Netflix Location Or Region?

As we have already said to you that, to change your Netflix location the best option is to use VPN. Here we have mentioned the following steps to do it effortlessly. 

  • First, open your Netflix account, and if you have not already then set up for one.
  • Activate your VPN on your device and get connected to it.
  • Now connect to a server you want to get connected to.
  • Go to the official site of Netflix and it will redirect you to the location and server you selected.
  • Login to your account and if you don’t have one then sign up for it.
  • Now enjoy your shows and movies without any restriction

Best VPN for Netflix Shows

You can choose from the various VPNs available in the market. But if you look for the best one then it can be so tricky. Here is the list of best VPNs that can you provide you the best Netflix change region content on your device.

  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: It is a well-known company that provides various products for privacy and protection. The KeepSolid VPN is the best VPN that you can choose to change your Netflix country location. It has some amazing pricing plans and special Netflix servers to give you the best services. It is one of the main reasons for which we have put it on the top of this list. 

The KeepSolid Company also allows its users to use KeepSolid VPN Promo Code to get some additional discount on this VPN. 

  • Hola VPN: This VPN is capable to access any streaming channel and site even if it is from another country. Hola makes it so simple to connect any Netflix server by giving you the list of its current top servers. 
  • ExpressVPN: You might not hear about it but ExpressVPN is the best VPN that you can get at a very cheap price. It also can be a one-time solution for your all internet tracking problem. This VPN also can easily unblock any regional Netflix for you to watch them without having any issues.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN is a worldwide provider of VPN services that can be your ideal one too. By using this virtual private network you can also watch any outer region show of Netflix and other streaming sites.
  • FastestVPN: According to the company they are providing the best and fastest VPN services among all. But if you read the true reviews of this VPN on other sites then it can disappoint your hopes. 

How to Change Netflix Location On iPhone?

If you want to access various Netflix libraries on your iPhone then wait. However, it will also take a VPN to spoof your location but with some different steps. 

Buy a plan of any of your favorite VPN provider who is giving mobile VPN services too. It will be not hard to find a mobile VPN service provider, so you can choose it according to your budget and needs. Now open your iPhone and install the VPN application of the provider which you have bought a plan. Enter your VPN provider credentials and log in to your VPN account.

Now connect to the server you want to get access to which region. For example, if you want to get access to US Netflix then connect to a US server of your virtual private network. Now open your Netflix app or the official Netflix website to watch the US Netflix content. 

Note: Remember that, if your VPN unblocks any country server for you then you might find that not all servers of that country will work for you. 

Can I Use Proxy To Change My Netflix Country Content?

Many proxies provide claims that they can unblock other region Netflix content for you. It is also possible that a DNS proxy can change your IP address and provide you an unblocked Netflix or another country. As long as your IP address they provide gets not blocked, you will be able to watch any region Netflix content without having any problem.

But the main problem is that it is very easy for Netflix to catch and block DNS proxies. The proxy also provides you fewer libraries as compared to VPN and you will end up with limited country access. 

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