Home Theatre Speakers: A Ready Reckoner

The speakers for home theatre installation in Adelaide can make or break your movie experience. You can become mesmerised by the movie or be irritated by the frequent echo and unclear sound. Adelaide has a mix of locals, international students, and tourists. 

In 2019, tourists spent about 18 nights in the city. This required hotels and other tourist accommodations to have a variety of speaker systems in place. Here we discuss the various types of speakers available to you:

Centrepiece Speakers

The centrepiece is designed to reproduce the central channel information, which is mainly the dialogues. It may also reproduce effects and include several drivers and tweeters. It is primarily a mono speaker. It will be a passive speaker and works well with the left and right speakers. This speaker is usually heavier than the others and has all the ports to connect it to the home theatre. 

Sound Bar

This is a jack-of-all-trades variety that plays all sounds using one device. It often consists of the centre, left, and right speaker all in one box. As the name suggests, it is compact and can be connected to your TV. It will not connect to an AV receiver unless it is a passive soundbar. 

Bookshelf Speakers

They are named so because they are compact and can fit in any Adelaide home’s living room. They have a woofer and a tweeter. Despite their size, they emit a big sound and are usually enough for your home theatre system. 

Combining them with a subwoofer, you get a balanced sound as they produce lower frequencies too. Home theatre installation in Adelaide can be so much easier with this information handy.

Floor Standing Speakers

Be it a home theatre or a party in your backyard, floor speakers’ work well in just about any condition. They can handle frequencies as low as 30Hz and as high as the human ability of 20kHz. The size ensures that they produce low, medium, and high frequencies simultaneously to give you quality sound. 

In a home theatre, they are used to replace the left and right speakers. They may be a bit costly, but worth the investment. They will create a movie theatre experience when paired with a subwoofer. 


No matter the shape or size, these are the big daddy of all speakers. They are designed to produce low bass rumble and have a built-in amplifier. The passive variety will need you to connect them to a separate amplifier; therefore, we recommend that you go with active ones. 

The cone in a subwoofer ranges from 6 to 15 inches. The logic is, the bigger the cone, the better the sound. The size depends on how much you want to shake up the room. They come in a ported and sealed variety depending on the control. 

The list can go on, but the most prominent types of speakers have been covered. Armed with this information, you can make the most of your home theatre installation in Adelaide. Once you decide how much you are willing to spend for the experience, you can consult a specialist to help you decide what you need. 

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