Carbone is one of the elements that are present in almost anything on the face of earth. What is C60? It is made from carbon but after going through a process called vaporization to make it pure. For vaporization to work, the conditions have to be right for only pure carbon molecules to be sourced from the procedure. Before undergoing the procedure, the impure carbon is in form of graphite and only becomes pure to form a soccer ball like shaped structure called C60.

It is natural?

C60 was founded in the 1980’s by a scientist, a project that saw him win a Nobel Prize before his death. C60 was discovered in the lab and is as such majorly an artificial invention that may have saved humanity from a number of challenges. This does not however mean there are no natural sources for C60 as it can be found in the outer space and also its traces are present in soot. The best form of C60 is however the one that is made in the laboratory considering its purity.

Means of taking C60

As you already know there are very many benefits that people get by using C60 for instance anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and oxidation abilities. C60 is however not soluble with water due to its hydrophobic nature. For those that want to use C60 as a supplement, resort to using oil based solution rather than water.

There are different types of oils that can be used for mixing C60 to make it soluble. Among the different oil options to use with C60 include coconut oil, CBD or hemp oil and lastly olive oil. There are also different manufacturers who integrate C60 to serums and creams especially in the cosmetic world for a number of skin care therapy benefits.

Where should I purchase my C60 today?

C60 is a very special discovery however it is not easily accessible to the public unless it is an ingredient in different manufactured products. There are very many sellers that exist online and local specialty supplement stores where you can shop for the products from. Before making the decision to purchase C60 infused products, why not reach out to your doctor for consultation? Doctors know the solutions you need and will recommend them if needs be. They also make it easier to find trustworthy sellers from their network whose products are safe and FDA approved.

Which is the best oil for C60 use?

The question has long been coming, which oil is the best for use when using C60?There are many types of oils that are useful to this effect however the debate for the best entails two which are hemp and olive oil. The other options of oil that can be used with C60 is coconut oil even though that rarely happens for commercialized production. Initially olive oil was the preferred option when it came to testing C60 and its solubility. Major manufacturers in Australia resorted to olive oil for the manufacture and processing of C60. Hemp oil has however been proven to be very compatible with C60 hence the better option of the two. The farming of the hemp plant is also sustainable with long range of benefits to both humanity and the environment. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids present in hemp oil has a number of benefits that include the following:-

  • Improved skin health and slowed down aging
  • Ability to alleviate inflammation in people and pets
  • Promotes good heart health
  • Reduces blood pressure

How to take C60 in oil

Now that you have established the different forms in which C60 is sold, you have to find the right oil. There are different ways that C60 is used with oil for instance hemp or olive oil. Discussed in the details below are some of the methods that C60 can be taken.

Topical application – Since C60 is known to have a number of therapeutic properties on the skin, there are very many skin care products that have it. You can therefore use C60 oil on your skin topically to tackle conditions like aging, sunburn and different forms of acne that you may be suffering from. Before applying it on your skin, wipe the area you want to apply with a wet and clean piece of cloth. You should then proceed to apply in small amounts as you spread across the skin.

Cooking – yes, C60 can be taken in form of cooking considering olive and hemp oil can both be used for cooking. Exposure to heat does not affect the ability of C60 to work its magic on your health and immunity. The only reason why some people find it not ideal for cooking is in how costly it is and cooking with will only culminates to losses.

Oral Ingestion – you can also choose to directly drop drops of C60 on your tongue and swallow. There are different dosage instructions that you should adhere to as some sellers recommend tea spoon full of the oil. Some users choose to mix it with their coffee or tea in the morning making it among the most effective methods of using the supplement. Sublingual use is yet another way of using it that allows for faster absorption to the blood stream. The sublingual use of the product demands that you make at least 140 drops to meet the required dosage.

Oral spray – resorting to use of oral sprays remains one of the best ways of using C60. This is because it remains the fastest way of absorbing the C60 oil into the system. The blood vessels in the mouth under the tongue will absorb the oil making it easy to consume it. You should however not rely on this method because you may end up consuming more content of C60 than you should normally consume.

After assessing the different ways to use C60, you have to choose the one that best suits your style Remember to consider factors like rate of absorption and dosage amounts while you are at it.


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