New Technologies in Dental Handpiece That Could Impact your Practice

Dental Handpiece

Dental visits always mark a patient’s memories because of the handpiece drilling and teeth grinding. It is one of the primary devices used for any dental operation, providing efficiency and enhancing a dentist’s daily task. Dental professionals should be aware that dental handpiece technology continues to improve. Each tool has been enhanced and redesigned to … Read more

Some Simple But Best Ways To Lose Weight!

weight loss tips 0

Losing 9kg in just 2 weeks is not an easy task. Quite a lot of people choose surgical solutions or use weight-loss drugs to lose weight quickly. But besides that, the method of changing diet and lifestyle also helps to achieve equally effective and much healthier. However, you should note that losing so much in … Read more

What Is Ketogenic Diet/ Keto Diet? Keto’s Types, Benefits and Allowed / Avoid Foods

What Is Ketogenic Diet

A very low carbohydrate diet with moderately increased protein and a high-fat diet is known as the ketogenic diet. The idea of a ketogenic diet becomes from 1920 to treatment for epilepsy. This diet comprises of mainly 70% fats, 20-25% proteins, and 5 % carbohydrates. This fat consumption results in the production of ketone bodies … Read more