Haunted House Slots, The Free Online Slot Game That’s So Fun It’s Scary

Are you like hundreds of thousands of others all over the world right now, feeling bored and fed up with all this time spent locked up at home? Have you run out of appliances to fix and books to read? What you need is a whole new level of fun, and I have just the thing for you, Magnet Gaming’s Haunted House online slot.

Need something new and exciting?

Due to worldwide lockdown regulations and sanitary concerns, it’s never been a better time to ditch the brick-and-mortar casino and look into some scary fun online casino games and dive into a whole new world of entertainment!

There are a ton of free online casinos to choose from today. But if there is one suggestion to be had, it would be to find an online casino with a great selection of unique slot games.

What are slot games?

Slot games are an all-time classic that everyone can enjoy. Nothing beats the feeling of a lucky strike and seeing those three red cherries all lined up nice in a row! One great thing about slot games, is the simplicity of how they work. They are not complicated, and who doesn’t love that from time to time? All you have to do is “pull the level” or in the case of free online slot games, push the shiny button, and leave it all up to chance.

Aside from chance, free online slot games actually work through using RGNs or “random number generators” that control where the reel stops. And really, this isn’t far off from the experience in real life casinos. Nowadays, most casinos have hundreds of video slots, which are actually identical to the online slot games! So if you could have the same, if not better, thrilling slot game experience with no risk and in the comfort of your home, why wouldn’t you? After all it’s free!

A thrilling’s game for those looking for some excitement

One extremely popular free online slot game that many people of all legal ages enjoy, is Magnet Gaming’s Haunted House online slot! This unique slot game offers a one of a kind, thrilling experience due to the eerie horror theme. If you are looking for an out of this world experience, I’ve found this game to be just that.

With a horror movie like theme, your heart will be racing, not only from the excitement of the game! For example, one feature of the game includes a round called “The Haunted Hallways” where players have to chase a ghost around the haunted house!

Players unlock different rooms as they receive key symbols, until they discover the room where the ghost is hiding.


But the spooky nature of this game isn’t the only perk. Not even close! Here are a couple of reasons why.


Haunted House slot is an 8-payline style slot, meaning that there are 8 different combinations of symbols that you could win from! This means that players of Haunted House free slots have a number of ways to take home the 1000x top prize. There is also a nice and wide betting range from 40p to £20, which is a great range that would satisfy any level of player.


Haunted House slot also boasts a huge range of bonus features, like free spins during the base game. Whenever you find a winning combination, you would receive one free spin with an added multiplier. And if you happen to hit subsequent wins, you would receive even more free spins and even higher multipliers!

One feature that makes the Haunted House free slot game so popular is the two progressive jackpots! The first of the two, the regular jackpot seeds at: £500 , meanwhile, the Super Jackpot seeds at £1000. And the jackpot increases with every wager that each player makes! That means there are always bigger and better prizes just waiting to be won.

And one of the greatest features is that it’s available to play on both mobile and desktop devices and on Android, iOS and Windows. So no matter what level of technology you currently use, Magnet Gaming’s Haunted House online slot, is sure to run smoothly and give you a great experience.

So ultimately, there’s no need for boredom. Haunted House free slot game is here to spice up your day, and provide you with just the right balance of simplicity and adrenaline.

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