GTA 6: Features and Release Date of The Upcoming Rockstar’s Project

Grand Theft Auto is the massive entertaining game, and players are waiting for the GTA 6 release date. Rockstar Games did not announce the release date yet, but hopefully, we will get soon. Players who have enjoyed the Easter egg mission on GTA 5 that are trying to get the GTA 6 beta version.

There have been almost seven years since GTA 5 released. Therefore fans are waiting desperately, and according to rumors, GTA 6 can release anytime this year. We are sure Soon Rockstar games will bring good news for all. Let’s talk about some details of GTA 6, which are given by rumors.

Release Date of GTA 6

Rockstar did not announce any news regarding the release date yet. However, according to leak reports, GTA 6 will be released in 2021. Moreover, the new console generation can also come by the end of 2020.


Rockstar has a solid reputation that keeps players coming back for more. There will be more fun and plenty of activities in the game.

Where the Game Will Set?

Games ask where the game will set? We don’t have much information regarding it. However, the game will take place in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or across the pond to modern-day London.

Moreover, some reports say, Rockstar is also serious about the idea of setting the game in Tokyo. GTA 6 will come with a full sense of humor, plenty of distractions to keep players on the main mission.


The game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. No Nintendo Switch version will come. Moreover, PC gamers will wait longer for their version.

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