Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation (Electro Oceanid) Guide: How To Unlock And Beat

Genshin Impact update 2.1 adds a lot of new content, such as story quests, islands to explore, new characters to play, and bosses as well. One of the new bosses added to Genshin Impact is the Thundering Manifestation, also known as the Electro Oceanid. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to unlock and beat it.

How To Unlock And Beat Electro Oceanid In Genshin Impact

You need to finish the Seirai Storm Chasers quest in order to unlock the Electro Oceanid boss. As part of the Genshin Impact update 2.1, a new quest has been added to the game.

It’s pretty easy to beat the boss on its own. You need a good mix of DPS and support characters, but you also need a shield to deal with the boss’s Thunder Lightning attack. If Zhongli is on your team, this shouldn’t be a problem. Diona works well too.

The boss can also use lightning to make a wall in front of itself. When that happens, you should leave the boss alone. From time to time, the boss will set up areas around the arena that do something. You should stay away from these circles. If you find yourself in one of these, you should get out as soon as possible.

The boss also has a dash attack that is pretty fast. There is a sign for the move. You can tell where the boss is going to go by the pink line on the ground. If you stay away from the marked area, you won’t get hurt. You can also use a burst or a shield to protect yourself.

When you beat the boss, you will get the usual boss rewards and also Storm Beads, which are needed to level up Baal and Kujou Sara. Like the other bosses, getting rewards from the boss costs 40 resin, so you might want to use Fragile Resin or get Transient Resin from the Teapot.

In Genshin Impact, this is how you can beat the Thunder Manifestation or Electro Oceanid.

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