In 2022 Insta has over one billion active followers monthly – this fact makes this platform one of the most efficient in terms of business and quick promotion. On IG you don’t need to do much to gather an audience that big companies were gathering back in time putting in lots of effort and using the services of many PR specialists. Tools and possibilities are packed in this platform for you to use, and all that today’s user needs to do is come and take them and use them wisely. In this text we will go through several instruments that you can use to level up your promotional campaign – some of them are going to be free, and some of them, like a chance to buy Instagram followers, are going to be paid. We will talk about their necessity and the order in which you should use them as well.

Let’s begin? 

So, clearly enough, you should first of all think about “packaging” your profile in the right way: think of its individual style (it is called brand’s identity) and work on your tone of voice and photos’ processing methods. If you don’t have any skills or a willingness to learn, you can delegate this step to professionals – for example, hire a social media manager, content manager or copywriter and a graphic designer. Your choice should depend on how much you want to coordinate the work and take part in your brand’s image development. 

After your profile is set and ready (posts are uploaded, stories are organized in highlights, you have a logo developed and a bio filled in with links), you can proceed to thinking about using the promotional tools to spread a word about your content, product or service. There are not so many methods that are available for free, but two of them are quite decent: it is free mutual PR from bloggers who have the same number of subs as you do and chats of activity. 

  • Free mutual PR is a thing that not so many bloggers take advantage of, because they think that not so many people are interested in it, while things are quite the opposite. There are tons of beginner bloggers who have from 100 to several thousands followers, and they desperately want to widen their audience. However, they don’t often reach out to other bloggers who have the same sized audience, although they should; write them an offer to collaborate and you will be surprised at how they are going to react. You will be able to exchange and conjoin your audiences and have way more subs then you’ve had before. 
  • The next nice thing (only for beginners though) is activity chats – these are the chats in Telegram and What’s App where bloggers gather and support each other. When you’re in need of new subs and new likes at the very beginning of your path, this is a very nice tool to use. Moreover, you might be able to find some people whom you can do mutual PR with; but general use is that you’re getting likes for likes and subs for subscribing to other people. It’s not that necessary when you already have an audience, but if you need to move somewhere from zero, this method can help a lot. 

However, If you understand that this is not going to be enough for you, you can count on paid services, such as a chance to buy real Instagram followers and set a targeted ad from IG itself. And if it is quite clear with the second option, we should say several words about the first one so you would be able to do everything right. 

First of all, don’t try to purchase as many subs as possible – organize promotion in a natural way, so that the increase in the subs count would look organic, quick, but normal. The next important thing is that you shouldn’t be taking on fake subscribers: there are companies that provide their clients with actual people who subscribe to their clients’ profiles, and at the same time there are companies that provide their clients with bots and fakes instead of real subs. Needless to say, the second option is unnecessary – if you’re aiming at nice results, you need only real people coming to your profile. So make sure to check the quality of services and ask managers about the process of delivery, if you cannot find any info on the website itself.
However, if you don’t have time for research, you can use the links that we have given you in this text. So, let’s sum up: to gain tons of followers in 2022, you can use several free development tools, such as free mutual PR and activity chats, but if you’re yearning for quicker results, it would be smart to use paid methods, such as a purchase of subs, likes and setting a targeted ad. However, you should always keep in mind that any promotional services are only a support to your own efforts and creativity, as people will love you and stay with you as subs only if your content is going to give them something valuable and unique.


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