Everyone faces daily financial issues in their lives. Modern income and expense management apps are designed to make managing personal cash flow easier. Here are the best free tools that will help you understand how much you spend and how to save on your hobbies, from affordable PlayAmo gambling to expensive diving.


The app helps to organize a comfortable and timely accounting system of personal expenses of the user. Monefy has flexible settings and an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly add new records and colorfully reflect the prices in the pie chart.

A built-in sync function via Dropbox reflects the money picture, showing it to the whole family by combining multiple devices into one wallet. The cloud service keeps backups of your data, promptly restoring information if your gadget is lost or crashed. Monefy also has a built-in calculator and supports setting a password. So, other people using your smartphone won’t be able to access your finances.


When you start working with the application, you will need to enter how much money you have at the moment. There are 2 sections for this: a wallet and a bank account. Later you can add more sections, such as cards, credit cards, etc. The main screen contains several categories of spending (groceries, transportation, home, entertainment, etc.), displays your income and the amount you have at your disposal.

You can set a different budget for each category. As you spend, the icon of a particular category will fill with color, which is convenient and easy-to-memorize. This way you can immediately see how much more you can spend and when it’s time to stop.

An additional menu allows the user to see the day’s expenditures, modify or delete them. In Coinkeeper, the expenses and income are presented as a graph with a percentage ratio below which you can see which categories your money was spent on. The app can also calculate the maximum or average income for the month. Like other spending apps, Coinkeeper can read text messages from banks and download this data.


The main advantage of the app is its advanced functionality. The interface of the app is user-friendly and will be understandable even to a child. Wallet can synchronize transactions with the bank, checks and guarantees, which saves you from unnecessary work of typing it all in manually.

The app can set expenses and income, analyze long-term financial goals, and keep track of debts. For more convenience, Wallet adds hashtags and geometrics to categories. This helps you find the right expense item faster and see visually what the money was spent on.

Besides all of the above features, the app automatically exports data in several text formats at once: CSV/XLS/PDF, creates payment templates and shopping lists.


It’s a multifunctional tool for managing personal finances, visually demonstrating all expenses on a chart. The program has customizable color design of income and expense categories. What’s more, Spendee supports automatic export of bank account, credit and debit card expenses, which lets you spend less time on such an essential but boring activity. A pie chart clearly informs about the most spendable categories, helping you understand where you can reduce your spendings.

Finance PM

This user-friendly program analyzes your personal budget in detail, allowing you to make short- and long-term plans. This helpful app supports limit setting, controlling the amount of expenditures of individual cost items. This tool allows simultaneous connection and management of several purses, containing analytical data reflecting financial operations in the form of clear diagrams and charts.

Here are the key strengths of this app:

  • Variety of modes and functions.
  • Flexible settings.
  • Laconic design.
  • User-friendly interface.


The app helps to keep personal finances under control: it generates a budget, shows cash expenditures and reflects the current balance. You can enter debt obligations and mandatory payments, controlling the timely redirection of cash flow to cover them. Money Lover is able to display statistical data for any time period.

The app supports the synchronization function, allows you to set financial and savings goals, contains a folder of colorful icons and customizable notifications informing about exceeding the limit. The tool allows you to share virtual data with family and friends.


This highly automated app helps you take control of all activities related to finances.

Here are its key features all users have to try after downloading this app:

  • Transactions can be created by dictation, by schedule, from texts from banks.
  • It’s convenient to keep track of budgets and debts.
  • You can analyze expenses and income with clear charts.
  • Exchange rates can be tracked.
  • You can keep joint accounting of finances within the family.
  • Transactions can be marked with tags and comments. There are free and paid versions.

Home Money

This app has a simple and user-friendly interface, complete with a minimal number of settings. The main screen contains tabs of accounts, records and expenses, a synchronization function is available and adding a new transaction. The user has access to expense accounting, cash flow transfers from account to account, recording the balance. When synchronizing with the web version, the functionality of the application increases, allowing the user: to plan the budget, set goals, and do the financial analysis of the operations.


Goodbudget will be your willpower, or rather your willpower: alas, the app is only in English. The distinguishing feature is that you have to make your own financial plan for the month, and the program will keep track of whether you stick to it or not. This app is more suitable for those who have already managed their own or the family budget. For newcomers, it will be difficult to soberly assess their capabilities.

In the Envelopes tab, you set your own spending categories and limits, and you can plan your budget for any period. So, it’s helpful even for long-term goals.

If you go over the planned budget, Goodbudget will notify you and highlight the column you should pay attention to. In the app, you can see a history of transactions and a graph made of your daily spending.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance takes into account the income and expenses of all family members, as well as their contribution to the total budget. This distinguishes this software product from its counterparts.

The app allows you to make a plan to eliminate debts, including credit, to save money for an expensive purchase, to understand where you can cut costs without compromising an acceptable quality of life. The developers believe that it will be useful for everyone who wants to achieve financial well-being.


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