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Eugenie Boisfontaine’s story is one of those strange and strange stories that make us wonder what’s really wrong with the world or with the people in it. Most of the time, it hurts to think that normal people we see walking around or people who live in our neighbourhood can be cruel and cause so much pain to others and even to their own families.

Eugenie Boisfontaine was one of the attractive women who were killed between 1992 and 1997. Her death is thought to have been caused by a terrible blow to the head. Even though there has been a lot of talk about who did such a horrible thing, no solid proof has been found. It is impressive that his case is still being looked into, as there is still a small chance that the murderer will be caught.


At the time of her sad death, Eugénie Boisfontaine was 34 years old. She was a student at the time, and an exterminator was the last person to see her alive. This was on June 13, 1997, at her home in Baton Rouge. Before his body was found, many clues had to be found. First, Eugenie’s things, like her credit cards and driver’s licence, were found near University Lake by someone who ran there often.

Unsettlingly, a visiting professor at the university found some of his credit cards strangely arranged in a circle near the same lake. After a search party went through the area three days later, Eugenie’s keys were also found near where other things had been. Three months later, in August 1997, after a long and tiring search, authorities found Eugénie Boisfontaine’s badly decomposed body by Bayou Manchac, south of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a broken skull. From the questions that were asked, it was thought that she might have been taken while she was jogging around the University Lakes, where she often went.


Eugenie Boisfontaine was married before she died, but not much else is known about her family. Mike Schmidt is the name of her husband/ex-husband, though. Since his wife died, Mike has been very angry, even to the point of shutting himself off from the public and refusing to give the inquest a sample of his DNA.

Even though this seemed like a strange thing to do, the investigation team was still able to get his samples without his permission or knowledge. They followed him in secret so they could get his DNA from the handle of his car. But the test turns out to be negative. Even though he said he would sue investigators for getting his DNA without his permission, he has since asked that his privacy be protected and that he be given a chance to get out of the experiment.

Her Killer

Eugenie Boisfontaine has lived on StanfordAve since 2009. Derrick Todd Lee, a serial killer who had killed two other women in a similar way a few years before, was the most likely person to have done this. Just like when her body was found in 1997, forensic scientists looked at Eugenie’s dental records to see if she bit or scratched her attacker. No more DNA was found, which was a shame.

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