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Elissa Victoria is a well-known YouTuber from the United States who makes auto-vlog videos. People love her movies because they are creative and interesting, and they show how much she loves custom-built cars. People can see a bit of her life and the world of cars through her movies, which show installations and drive-throughs. Young people like her, and she has a big following on both YouTube and Instagram.

Her fans really like Elissa Victoria’s videos and her movies have been seen over 2.7 million times on YouTube. Her fans like how lively she is and how much she knows about cars. People trust her to give them accurate information and fun stories about the auto business, and they love how dedicated and passionate she is about it.

Elissa Victoria has become one of the most recognized faces on social media and YouTube as her fame stays high. Her fans love and look forward to watching her videos because they are always interesting and fun. The young people who follow her on auto-vlogging and her lively personality have made her a common name and a major player in the social media world.

Elissa Victoria Biography

Elissa Victoria was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on March 24, 2001. She will be 22 years old. At the moment, Elissa lives in Houston, Texas, USA, and is famous for being on the internet there. She is an American citizen and is of mixed race, which gives her a unique and varied cultural background.

Unfortunately, Elissa has had some hard times in her life. Both of her parents died, and her mother, in particular, suffered from Anorexia, a serious eating problem. Her mother’s need to be thin got out of hand and became dangerous. At the time of her death, she weighed only 60.4 pounds.

Elyssa has talked about her mother’s fight, saying that her mother’s desire to be thin started when her seventh child, Elyssa’s younger brother, was born. This tragedy shows how terrible the effects of this crippling illness are and how important it is for people with eating disorders to get help.

Elissa Victoria
Image Source: @ElissaVictoria

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Elissa Victoria
  • Nickname: Elissa
  • Date of birth: 24 March 2001
  • Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Age: 22 Years Old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Religion: Christian
  • Profession: Content creator, social media influencer
  • Boyfriend: Ethan Fatsura
  • Instagram: @elissavictoria_
  • Youtube: @ElissaVictoria

Body Measurements

  • Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Weight: 58 kg 127 lbs
  • Body Measurements: 34-27-35 inches
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Light brown
Elissa Victoria
Image Source: @ElissaVictoria


Elissa Victoria is 22 years old as of 2023 and was born on March 24, 2001, in Houston, Texas, United States.


When Elissa first started her job on YouTube in 2018, she posted different kinds of videos and vlogs about bikes and cars. She did make a YouTube account with her name on June 15, 2013, though.

At that point, though, she was only using it for fun. She started putting videos on her channel when she learned that she could make a living on YouTube.

She didn’t have many followers at first, just like everyone else. That being said, she knew that the first step was always the hardest.

After seeing this, she chose to keep posting her videos and vlogs about cars and bikes. After a while, she quickly got a lot of subscribers. She felt motivated and inspired by her work after seeing this. Right now, she is making great plans for her job. After that, she put up almost everything about cars and trucks.

She also showed how cars and bikes are put together and what’s inside them sometimes. On her show, she talks about everything, from their paintings to their main accessories.


Ethan Fatsura is the name of her partner. He likes cars too, just like Elissa. Her daughter is now here and is named Eliyanah. On their social media pages, they keep sharing pictures of both of them.

Elissa Victoria
Image Source: @ElissaVictoria

Net Worth

As of 2024, Elissa is thought to be worth about $1.5 million. These are her property, money, and income. She makes most of her money from being a social media star and YouTuber.

Elissa has acquired a lot of wealth through her different sources of income, but she chooses to live a very simple life.


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