Dino Guilmette

Dino Guilmette is one of these personalities who gained fame from her famous significant other, the fiancée of a favorite football player. Dino has a stable and well-paying career, just like his partner.

Throughout his relationship, he’s been involved in a lot of controversies. His girlfriend suffered from trauma from a past relationship, and Dino helped her.  

Jenkins’ followers believe he wanted Jenkins to move on from her criminal lover so that they could start a lavish and good life together.

 In this article, we will look at Guilmette’s net worth, career, achievements, and relationships about his net worth.

Birth and Childhood :

In 1978, Dino Guilmette was born to William and Donna Guilmette in Rhode Island, United States of America. Dino was born on Long Island in New York.

His parents are William Guilmette III and Dina Patnaud, and he has seven siblings: Tammy, Michelle, Debbie Ziadeh, Kathy Guilmette, Patty Davis, and Maria.  Some of his nicknames included Dino, Moniker, Joseph, Lizzi, and Big Bully.

Dino was passionate about boxing from an early age. His popularity as a local boxer and wrestler grew in his teens when he competed against good-level fighters. In addition, he was given the title ‘The Ghost.

‘ “Dino is a Leo, and his desire to become famous from an early age proves his nature. Dino’s parents are William and Dona Guilmette. Dino reportedly has eight or more siblings, so he must have had an exciting childhood.


Guilmette attended primary and high schools to gain a business and finance education, but his exact name still needs to be discovered. After completing high school, he attended the University of Rhode Island Feinstein Feinstein in his hometown.

He got all his education in his hometown. After giving up his dream of becoming a boxer and wrestler, he became an entrepreneur and got a finance and business management degree.

Career and Achievements

In the 1990s, Dino was a boxer. He had a successful boxing career and was known for his powerful punches and agility. In the early 2000s, Guilmette quit boxing and started his own company. In addition, he is the founder and CEO of Legacy Ventures, a company specializing in real estate development, property management, and construction.

As a successful businessman, Guilmette has received numerous accolades. In 2018, he was awarded the title “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he has been recognized by the New Hampshire Business Review as one of the “Business Leaders of the Year” for 2019.

Dino Guilmette

Height, Weight

Guilmette stands approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 81 kilograms. In addition, there is no information available regarding his body measurements, such as his chest, hip, or waist measurements.

His dress size is approximately 8us/10uk, and his shoe size is approximately 8us/8.5uk. There is something both attractive and addictive about his dark hair and brown eyes.

Married Life

Dino Guilmette is a happily married man who is content with what he has in life. Shayanna Jenkins, his long-term sweetheart, has proposed and accepted his proposal. Shayanna was putting her life back together when they met for the first time.

Her husband at the time was Aaron Hernandez. After Aaron’s death in April 2017, Shayana moved to Rhode Island with her two daughters. Shayana and Dino reunited after leaving Rhode Island through mutual contacts and began dating again soon after.

Relationship Status

After being in a relationship for a long time, the couple chose to get married in the presence of their loved ones. Giselle Guilmette was the couple’s first child due to their relationship.

Dino has a daughter, Mia Guilmette, from his first marriage as well as from his second marriage. Avielle Janelle Hernandez, the daughter of his wife Shayanne and a previous relationship, is also a member of his family. Dino and Shayana are currently satisfied with their and their children’s lives.

LifeStyle of Dino

Dino and Jenkins live together in Rhode Island, sharing an excellent relationship. They are both well-to-do and have stable careers. Dino has a successful business, whereas Jenkins has participated in Netflix series and TV shows.

Net Worth

Approximately $10 million is estimated to be Guilmette’s net worth. He has gained most of his wealth through successful business ventures.

The company owned by Guilmette, Legacy Ventures, is involved in high-profile real estate development, including the development of luxury apartments and commercial properties.

Moreover, he is a successful investor who has invested in various industries, including the technology and healthcare sectors.


Dino Guilmette is an entrepreneur, former boxer, and property manager who has contributed significantly to the real estate market.

In addition to his hard work and dedication toward his business endeavors, his net worth is a testament to his success. There has been considerable media and public interest in Guilmette’s relationship with Shayanna Jenkins. 

Guilmette remains a supportive partner to Jenkins and a loving father to their daughter despite the controversy surrounding their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dino Guilmette?

Dino is a former boxer and football player, now an entrepreneur and popularly known as Shayanna Jenkins' boyfriend.

What bar does Guilmette own?

There is no information available regarding his business or bar.

How much is Dino Guilmette worth?

The networth of Dino is estimated to be approximately $12 million

How old is Dino?

In 2023, Dino will be 44 years old.


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