In addition to some common annotations in the csgo dust 2 map, there are many special annotations that most players do not know very well. If you want to gain more advantages in csgo dust 2, then know these csgo dust 2 special It is also necessary to mark the points, so the following will introduce the special marking of csgo dust 2, I hope it can help you achieve excellent victory in the game, if you want to know more about csgo callouts dust 2, please visit gametopn .com.

csgo callouts dust 2

Upper B Tunnels:

If the T party wants to approach the B site in the tunnel, it can turn left from here, and if it turns right , it will come to the mid.

Lower B Tunnels:

This is the entrance of the T-side approaching the mid through the tunnel.


A corner on the left side of the B site, the T side approaches this point through the Upper B Tunnels , this is a good place for CT personnel to camp and wait for the enemy, the attacking T side must check this corner.

B Closet:

CT and T-side can be hidden in the corner on the left side of this label , and T-side can approach B through Upper B Tunnels site.


B All walls on the site are vantage points for CT personnel to remain concealed from incoming T-side enemies .

Back Plat:

Located behind the planting site, it is a good hiding place for both CT and T parties .

Double Stack:

boxes on B plant .

B Default Plant:

The area where bombs are placed on the B site.


This building material is located opposite the B window of Site CT mid , which is a good offensive and defensive place for the defending side of B site.


There used to be a palm tree here , but now there is a phone booth.


Players can reach mid from T spawn in a short time through here , but here is a very dangerous place, CT snipers can keenly observe Suicide from mid.

Outside Long:

This area is entered when the T -side moves to the long doors or top mid .

Side Pit:

Terrorist’s hiding place , but also being watched by counter-terrorists .

A Ramp:

This is A A ramp from site to A long .

A Default Plant:

in A Site where bombs are placed.

The Elevator:

is A A corner of the site, the closest point to the CT spawn, which the player can use to reach the platform.

A Ninja:

A nice hidden spot near A Short. If you are part of the CT squad, this is the best place for ninja defuses .


the trail to A Short catwalk .


Terrorists move from top mid to A Short’s area.


A The barrel behind the site fence is a great place to throw smoke grenades.


A goose graffiti in a small area behind the barrel of the A bomb site .

csgo callouts dust 2

The above are csgo dust 2 special callouts points. If you can remember these special callouts points, it will definitely give you a better chance of winning against other players. If you want to see more csgo callouts dust 2 related content, please visit , this website will continue to update various csgo information and complete game guide articles.


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