Are you a fan of online shopping due to its convenience? If so you are better off setting up the right security measures to facilitate smooth and secure online payments. It is easy for unknowing online consumers to fall victim to hackers and phishers online. This is the reason most shoppers invest on purchasing CVV from authorized sellers on the web. The process of acquiring a CVV should be completely safe and not jeopardize your financial information less you choose the wrong CVV shop.

You only need to ascertain that both billing and shipping address you submit tally before one proceed to purchase CVV online or from brick and mortar stores near you. Besides getting your CVV for secure online transactions, you ought to have safety measures to protect the card details from leaking to the wrong people. It is for this reason that shoppers both online and land based need to avoid making the following credit card blunders highlighted in the discussion below. 

Poor choice of credit card 

Before choosing your credit card company, why not go through the different card options you are eligible for. Once you define your needs, assess the different features of the shortlisted credit card companies before making your choice. You also need to avoid having more cards than necessary and that means deactivating the existing one and switching to the new one. Failure to do this can expose you to a number of challenges like theft and fraud especially when you are careless with details like CVV belonging to the other cards. 

Ignoring terms and conditions 

Have you understood the terms and conditions surrounding the use of credit cards? Before accepting credit card, take your time to read the terms and conditions to work with to uncover any hidden charges or terms you may not be familiar with. Identifying and ironing out any form of confusion makes it easier for you to avoid different forms of scams that happen with credit card companies. You can also have someone you trust go through the terms with you to mitigate any chances of skipping out on important information. Do not wait until there are charges you do not understand before you can make an inquiry into what you are missing. 

Colossal debts 

The truth is most people never see the debt trap coming in when they take a new credit card. Unnecessary spending and untimely debt payments can sink you into financial crisis and worse still affect your credit history and rating score. You should be vigilant enough to know when you are falling into a debt trap. Once in the debt trap or near it, halt the use of the credit card until it has been established the right payment scheme to use for debt clearance. This will prevent you from sinking into an unmanageable financial situation with your lender. 

Irresponsible card use

One of the easiest ways you can improve your credit score rating is by using credit cards for payments and shopping today. As much as using the card can help you make your credit history worth seeing, misusing it can leave your credit history in trouble and the rating injured. Only spend what you are able to clear to avoid surpassing 30% of what you are allowed to spend for your credit card. 

Poor credit card closure 

When in a rush to get a credit card there are people who overlook the terms and conditions of the same. This culminates up badly as they are forced to either cancel or stop using their credit cards at a later date. You should consider researching the right closure terms for your credit card in case you no longer want it. The solution is not to stop using it but rather contact the credit card issuing company for the proper cancellation of the same. Experts advise working on your credit history before you close the card for a better credit score in the future. Paying all your bills on time can also help improve the quality of your credit score rating. 

Sharing of sensitive information on your card

There are a lot of traps online that you can fall victim to in the form of phishing and scams. From time to time scammers might tempt you to submit your sensitive details on fishy websites and also call you pretending to be customer care from your bank or credit card Company. Your credit card issuer should give you protection against such measures however it comes down to you being discreet on how to save and even who you share your CVV, bank and other personal details with. 

Using multiple credit card options 

There are for sure several merits you stand to gain when you have different credit cards from different companies however confusion is bound to arise when you have more cards than you can manage. Remember all the cards come with unique interest rates, features, expiry dates and limits that you can use that might result in confusion like defaulting payment or surpassing the limit you are allowed on your card. You need to at most have 3 credit cards otherwise one would just help you fine and you can always close it to start using another one that favors your lifestyle with a higher limit. 

Failure to review monthly statements

How are you supposed to keep your account secure when you barely check the monthly statements on how it is used? It is this kind of ignorance that allows scammers and hackers to misuse your credit card and make unnecessary expenses on it. Check all statements keenly to make sure there are no unauthorized expenses being made on your card. In case you find any issues when assessing your monthly statements, you can always take the right decision early enough to curtail it and prevent such occurrences in the future the safety of your card.


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