Crazy Pranks Ideas For This April Fool’s Day

The reason of April Fools Day are not known however there are some predictions from where it came for example it might be the April 1st of 1698 when many Londoners were tricked into coming to see “the Lions washed” or as early as 1381 when Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales were published, in which a depiction of Chauntecleer tricked by a fox took place on April the 1st. April Fool’s Day has gained worldwide popularity since old times and gave us a chance to celebrate by fooling our friends and family with crazy prank ideas. So, if you are a fan of April Fool’s Day pranks, here is a list of some of the best prank ideas that you can use this upcoming April Fool’s Day to make it full of happiness and laughter. Happy pranking!

Plant A Grass Garden On The Keyboard: One of the best pranks for April’s Fools Day for it will surely leave your friend confused. If your friend or close one works on a keyboard this is the best way to prank them. All you have to do is open the keyboard and put some sand on it and place small grass or plants over it. Now, carefully close the keyboard and set it as it is. What’s more? Wait for your friend to notice it and record his reaction and later enjoy a good laugh at it. 

Attach An Air Horn To Their Work Chair: As hilarious as it sounds, this prank will surely make all the people around mad with laughter. All you have to do is attach an air horn under the work-chair of your friend and colleague and wait for a funny thing to happen. The moment your friend or colleague will sit on this chair, the air horn will blow leaving them wondering how this happened. Wait for them to finally realise the truck and enjoy the scene until they discover the prank. 

Invest A Room With Fake Rats: If your friends or little siblings are afraid of rats, this is one of the best and easiest ways to prank them on April Fool’s Day. All you have to do is place some fake rats in their room and scatter food here and there creating a notion that their room has been infested with rats. The first sight of the room when they open the door will surely make them cry out loud until some moments later they realise that those were fake rats. 

Give Them A Fake Gift: Everything is fair when it is April Fool’s Day and you can easily prank for friends and close ones with a fake gift. Fill a box with something that will give the notion that it has a gift inside and also a note wishing them April Fool’s Day. Wrap the box in a beautiful wrapping paper and give it to them as a present. Wait for them to unbox until they find the note and enjoy good hours of laughter together. 

Replace Air Freshener With Shrimp Scent: This prank is a savage one and also a must-try with your friends and family. Take out the peel of the bottle of an air-freshener and paste it over the bottle of shrimp scent. Keep this bottle in a very common area of your home where your family members can notice and wait for any of them to use it thinking it is an air freshener. 

Make A Fake Cake: Present a fake cake in front of your friends on this day and prank them like never before. Fill a round cake sized balloon with water and place it horizontally over a tray. Now take chocolate frosting and cover the top of the balloon with it. Decorate the cake with gems, chocolates and also candles and write Happy April Fool’s Day on top of it. Now call upon your friend and ask him to cut the cake saying that you prepared this handmade delicacy for them. Now wait for the moment when they actually cut it and see water splash on their face the very moment. 

Well, here are some unique and unusual pranks that will surely make this April Fool’s Day memorable for you. Also, take it as an excuse to enjoy a scrumptious piece of cake and order cake online in Coimbatore for the perfect ending to the day. 

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