If you don’t take regular care of precious things such as jewelry, it will damage in the long run. If you are fond of wearing Gemstone Jewelry, its mandate is to take utmost care of them to remain in the best condition even after regular use. Throughout history, it has been a mesmerizing stone from the Feldspar family and fascinated the hearts of gem dealers.

Moonstone is a delicate stone, and if you do not take care of it, it won’t be as bright as the first time you set eyes on it. To renew the brilliance you admire, you must preserve, clean, charge, and store the gem ideally so that you will be able to relish its beauty and wisdom for the forthcoming years to come. Make sure to remove your jewelry while cleaning the house as it gets exposed to housecleaning products and high can cause scratches and breaks. If you are not wearing it, the keep your Wholesale Moonstone Jewelry is a fine-lined box with multiple compartments to keep your jewelry from rubbing against one another.

Wrap every piece of the stone in tender cloth, and just in case your moonstone ornaments have displayed visible scratches, then approach your jeweler to bring back its glow. Silver being smooth metal, it can easily get subjected to deformation and mechanical damage. Instead, cherish and keep intact the charm and appeal of the Sterling Silver moonstone ring by protecting it from sulfur and cleaning it with warm water, dish wash liquid solution, and a cloth.

Remove your moonstone ring while cleaning the house, as mild cleaning products can damage it. Chemicals negatively affect both silver and ornament settings. Silver being smooth metal, it can easily get subjected to deformation and mechanical damage. As the moonstone ornaments can not tolerate pressure on the stone, so one should not use excess strength or automatic cleaning.


Why does Moonstone Jewelry Need Care?

Moonstone hardness level ranges between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. There are only 10 points; this justifies the fact that moonstone is not the hardest by any means. It can quickly get prone to scratches by objects or stones. And if you have moonstone jewelry, it can easily damage, even while performing the most straightforward household work, for instance, in sports, everyday household work, and even by sunbathing or swimming. So, it gets mandatory to be aware that you must take extra special care and obey specific instructions.

It’s obvious to get emotionally attached to such things, which are very close to our hearts, and one does not wish to constantly think about when to take off or put on the jewelry. However, prevention is better than cure, so by keeping this in mind, you should never forget to take off your jewelry before going out to the gym.

What is the Method For Cleaning And Storing Moonstone Jewelry?

To clean the moonstone, the main things you need include warm water, dish wash liquid solution, and a soft cloth. First, you need to hold your jewelry and mildly wipe the fabric and solution; Then, you must gently dry the jewelry piece and place it into a soft, material-coated box. One can also store it in a separate pouch, which will also aid you in protecting your part of the ornament.

If you are frightened of cleaning your moonstone jewelry yourself, then you can always rely upon or trust for this process to an experienced jeweler who will be sure not to spoil the piece. They can even take out the stone and clean all the remaining dirt from it by using specialized tools. If the gemstone surface has become dull, polishing or buffing will recover its luster.

What Care Does Moonstone Need With Silver Jewelry?

Silver trinkets get negatively affected by sulfur, a substance that connects with the silver under normal circumstances. Sulfur is generally present in the air and human sweat, so it is impractical to avoid contact between jewelry and sulfur’ this, in turn, starts producing a black patina of silver sulfide, which gradually forms on the ornaments. The jewelry must get clean with warm water, dish wash liquid, and a cloth to achieve its original appearance.


What is The Process Involved in Charging Your Moonstone?

In addition to the fact that a moonstone must be accurately cared for, you should also get it charged. The moon is a good conductor of subtle energies that support the human biofield. Natural minerals impact our feelings and relationships with loved ones, affect intuition, and grow psychological abilities. To charge and fill your mineral with the moon’s energy, you are supposed to put the stone under the moonlight for one or more nights. It would be best to do it on strictly defined days to charge a moonstone, such as a full moon, appropriately. You can do it one day before and a day after a full moon.


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