CBD is more than just a fad. It’s here to stay. As CBD becomes more popular, there’s a lot to look forward to.

From cannabis cocktails to direct-to-consumer sales, the possibilities are endless. It will probably take a while for some of these to take off, but if everything goes well, we should start seeing them in 2022.

Here’s a list of what we want to see most this year.

Widespread Acceptance

2020 and 2021 saw huge increases in marijuana consumption, particularly at home. CBD usage has also become increasingly popular.

CBD products contain little or no THC. THC is the part of the marijuana product that makes you high.

That means it’s practically impossible to get high using CBD.

There are many medical benefits to using CBD and it can be used for a variety of other purposes like anxiety and pain treatment.

More people are catching onto the benefits of CBD and it’s becoming widely acceptable to use. There’s practically no negative side effects associated with CBD, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.

2022 should be the year in which we free ourselves from CBD stigmas.

More Information

cbd oil medical health

There is already a lot more research on CBD than most people think. Marijuana has been used for over thousands of years, so it’s not a new product.

Studies have been conducted with cannabis for a long time, and there is a wealth of information on different strains and their uses.

This information has been hard to access for average consumers. As more research is conducted and cannabis grows in popularity, that’s changing.

For an overview of CBD products, check out this article. That’s only the beginning.

In 2022, we hope that more information on CBD products will be easily and cheaply accessible for the average person.

  1. Looser Legislation

Many states loosened legislation on cannabis the past few years. In 2021, New York legalized marijuana for recreational as well as medical use.

They are one of the many states following the trends set by Colorado and Washington. Many states have legalized CBD oil but not recreational cannabis.

However, not all states allow CBD. Here is an overview of the legislation in different states. Laws can also vary on a county or city basis.

Research has shown that CBD is not a dangerous product and can improve people’s lives.

There’s no reason to have outdated laws restricting a product like CBD when other substances like alcohol are less controlled.

Easier Access

Access and legalization go hand in hand. Less legal restrictions make it easier for people to purchase CBD products.

Better legislation and access also means that people have more choice and control over what they’re buying.

Without legal access, consumers have to rely on shady providers that don’t go through product control.

Widespread and easy access enables people to purchase from legitimate handlers and know what they’re putting in their bodies.

Online purchase options and loosened shipping laws will help people in remote areas receive higher quality products.

The boom in internet shopping should continue in 2022, and we want CBD products to be a part of it.

Product Variety

There is already a huge variety of CBD products on the market. The most popular and well-known is CBD oil.

CBD oil is great for pain relief, but it can be used for so many other things. It’s great for cooking and aromatherapy.

There’s many different types of CBD oil, and we hope to see more in 2022.

We also hope to see more creative uses of CBD like CBD for pets or drinks infused with CBD.

The drinks industry is a particularly promising one, and several bars have started mixing drinks like CBD margaritas. Here’s a recipe if you’re interested in trying that out.

Better product variety is directly correlated to some of the other things we’re hoping for like loosened legislation and better access. The more information people have about CBD, the more creative they can be!


The cannabis industry has a long way to go, and it will probably take a while before using CBD becomes mainstream. Hopefully 2022 will see a trend in the right direction.


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