Bumbleride strollers are designed for adventures. We make Bumbleride products as gear purpose- made to perform, whether you’re taking your little bones on a trail run or navigating the original growers’ request. That’s why we design everything in-house from the ground up, drawing on the collaborative feedback of birth parents.

Bumbleride fabrics are made from 100 RPET from post-consumer water bottles and polyethylene terephthalate. In addition, our black colorways use an innovative color process that conserves roughly 25- 40 gallons of water per stroller.

This color process reduces water use and pollution created from the color process.

A parent wrist ribbon attached to it will secure the foot brake and 5- point breakaway harnesses, our journey—accountable selection for the world and a parent’s lifeline for numerous kiddies.

Bumbleride is known for its top-notch, sturdy strollers, and it is no exception. Its solid brand frame, durable fabric, and air-filled tires are erected to last.

At 36 pounds and 30- inches wide. The side-by-side modifiable seats offer unblocked views for both kiddies, so no one will be squished or get jammed looking at the reverse of their kiddo’s seat.


Folding the Bumbleride Stroller takes a bit of collaboration, and the footrest and cushion bar must fold down beforehand. Once folded, the frame bus- cinches securely, and it’ll stand on its own. Our parent testers set up unfolding easier you release the cinch clip on the side, pull back on the bar, and the frame snaps fluently into an upright position.

Druggies were resolved on how delicate it was to carry the Bumbleride Stroller in a folded position half felt it was kindly easy.

The only strike sounded to be the general size of the Bumbleride Stroller. Parent testers said its range made getting around on busy megacity sidewalks or public conveyance very delicate.

The boscage on this stroller is super intuitive. To lock, you push doindiewn on the large pedal in the center of the hinder wheel axle (the rod connecting the bus) and push it up to release.

In lab testing, we set up the boscage medium a bit stiff, and one parent tester bothered that she’d have to use her hands to lock the boscage if she wore wise duds or sandals during the summer.


From fully flat to completely upright, the malleable seats in the stroller offer a wide range of positions for your little bone. It made the tether-style seat slope medium in our lab tests easy to use.

Press and pull to release the seat down, and squeeze and push to move the chair into an upright position.

While you can slope the seats using one hand, two are demanded to put the chair back over. Conforming the leg rest takes a bit of collaboration and homemade mastery, as you have to contemporaneously push two buttons on either side while moving the leg rest over or down to one of three positions.

Still, with the reverse completely reclined and the footrest raised over, the seat becomes buggy- suchlike with the added 5-point harness.


A good cover will give safety from the sun, rain, and wind, and the Bumbleride Stroller boasts one of the stylish. The editors in our lab noted the tents are huge and quiet, an ideal quintet when trying to protect a sleeping babe as the sun shifts in the sky during an autumn nap.

It is made of durable polyester. The Bumbleride’s tents, one for each seat so they can be acclimated collectively — feature an SPF 45 standing, glamorous peep-a-boo window (no noisy Velcro to warn your kiddies that you have a look!) and removable back panels for tailwind and breathability.

When completely extended with the “pop- eschewal” bills, these puppies cover nearly the entire seat, so longer-lawful kiddies can tuck their bases up and be defended from the rudiments. For total leak-proof protection, Bumbleride also sells a voluntary rain cover that fits over both seats.


We know your child’s safety is your number- one precedence. Most parent customers agreed and said the fit is comfortable for their kiddies. One parent, still, set up conforming the height of the shoulder straps a bit delicate.

Thankfully, this adaptation doesn’t need to be made frequently, so the overall ease of use and security outweigh the occasional difficulty.


All of our customers rated the Bumbleride Stroller as veritably good in terms of quality and style and for ease of use, overall satisfaction, and value. Usually, parents felt the stroller was sturdy and comfortable for their kiddies and themselves.


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