Bully 2: Has The Game Delayed? When It Will Arrive Now?

There is a lot of new information about the rockstar game, which is one the way. Yes! We are talking about Bully 2. We know that everyone mostly talks about GTA 6, but another game of the franchise also deserves the sequel.

Rumors of GTA 6 are on the peak, and many stories are circulating all around this year for the next release. Rockstar Games is coming with a surprise, so here are all the possibilities of Bully 2.

Rockstar Games developed the game in 2006. The game is quite similar to GTA 6. The story revolves around the schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins and the town of Bullworth.

The story of the game is under development, and developers are working for Bully 2. UK developer also confirmed that there would be a story of Bully in the upcoming years. Well, the ongoing projects have been delayed due to the corona pandemic. However, La Noire could be a new addition to the current projects.

We don’t know when Bully 2 will be finally revealed, but the project is developing. Fans are hopeful and excited to watch all the upcoming projects. So everyone is looking for all the projects, let’s see what happens.

According to reports, it will release anytime in 2021 and available for Xbox One, Playstation 5, and PS4. Many fans are hoping that the next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles are about to arrive, and at this time, Bully 2 will launch.

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