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Brandon Walker is a sports gambling analyst for Barstool Sports who delivers commentary on college and professional sports. He has spent most of his life working as a sports writer, analyst, and sometimes host.

Walker is noted for his outstanding comedic timing, willingness to be self-deprecating, and, most notably, his absurd football knowledge. His meteoric growth deserves to be highlighted.

Early Life & Family Background

He was born in the state of Mississippi on April 13, 1979. West Point was where he spent the majority of his boyhood. Brandon turns thirteen on April 13th. Brandon Walker is the son of Vicki Ray and Mike Walker. His mother and father have a daughter, Caitlyn Walker, in addition to him.

Brandon and Caitlyn frequently engage in friendly banter on social media. Brandon Walker works as a sports commentator for Barstool Sports, where he broadcasts shows such as The Yak with Dan Katz, Picks Central, and SiriusXM.

The sports analyst at Barstool hasn’t said much about his birth. He’s also not said anything about his parents. He does, however, have a sister called Caitlyn Walker (right). He is of Caucasian ancestry and of American nationality.

Educational Qualifications

Brandon completed his high school career at West Point High School in 1998. After that, he attended Mississippi Community College before graduating from Mississippi State University in 2002 with a major in Communications.

Who Is the Wife of Brandon Walker?

He has been married to Amanda Dunaway for almost a decade. His partner is from Booneville, Mississippi. She is presently employed at Itawamba Community College as an Instructor. Furthermore, she is a graduate of Mississippi State University, which suggests that the married pair met for the first time there.


brandon walker

Brandon and his wife have three daughters and one boy. Though he has not announced the names of his children, one of his newborn daughters is named Emma Grace Walker. While he is fairly vocal on Instagram about his work life, he has yet to share a photo about his family.

He has referenced his wife and children several times on Twitter and Instagram, but he has yet to describe them in depth or release a photo of them. In April 2021, a number of people called Brandon Walker’s wife’s employer as well as his children’s school in response to what he said about a specific football team.

Influence of Brandon Walker Working in Sports

He began working in sports analysis immediately after graduating from college. Walker got a job as the sports editor of the Daily Times Leader in West Point, Mississippi, after graduating from college in 2004. He covered high school athletics, junior high softball, and little league for a 2,000-circulation newspaper.

Brandon started off covering high school sports, junior high softball, and little league for a 2,000-circulation newspaper. Brandon Walker worked as the sports editor of the Daily Times Leader in West Point, Mississippi, after graduating from college in 2004.

He moved about newspapers over the next decade or so, cruising through Louisiana and making stops in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and Meridian, Mississippi. He considered SEC Country to be his “big break.”

Brandon professional Struggle

Walker began working as a writer after finishing college. While advancing to the position of editor, he found it challenging to transition from small-town publications to national news. The divisive analyst relocated across the country in search of work at major corporations.

He, on the other hand, was usually working for minor outlets. Brandon Walker claims that his extensive experience landed him a position at Barstool. Walker says he failed a lot at first when attempting to achieve a high-paying career, but he didn’t give up. The projectionist claimed that his extensive knowledge helped him earn a position at Barstool.

Net Worth

He presently has a net worth of one million dollars. According to the ideas, Walker is significantly wealthier than he appears. On various occasions, the sportscaster has featured beside aircraft and fancy things.

Although it has not been confirmed whether the items belong to him, he is widely thought to be a wealthy sportscaster and host. Still, the projected statistics behind his net worth remain a mystery in and of themselves.


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