Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman was born in the year 1966 and is an American citizen. There has been no information released about Brad’s parents as of yet. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the University of Florida, USA.

In addition to his successful career, Beckerman founded Sill House Spirits, America’s excessive alcohol company. He married with Chase Leigh. He has two exceptional children from his ex-wife Chase. Unfortunately, the bond between him and Chase Leigh Beckerman didn’t end happily.

Here is a detailed guide on Brad, including his age, education, career, and a lot more information about him.


In the United States of America, Brad was born and raised. He was born in 1996. At the moment, he is 56 years of age. His ethnicity is white, and he is a Christian. His citizenship has been American since he was born there.

In addition to being highly educated, he is also an outstanding student in his college. As a graduate of the University of Florida, he earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing. It is well known that he has achieved fame in various fields.


After graduating from The University of Pennsylvania, Beckerman began working as a graduate eating consultant. Starting with Brad Beckerman in 1996, he worked for Starter Sportswear as an In Ger. After six years, Brad quit.

His entertainment merchandise firm was founded from 2003 to 2007. In the following years, he served as president of merchant tainment, a global entertainment company.

Height And Weight

His fit and tall, judging from his height. Based on his pictures, he is described as having brown eyes and grey hair as per his pictures. Despite this, there is yet to be any information available online about the exact height and weight of the man.

Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman Wife, Marriage

He was married to Paula Abdul, a singer and performer. Emilio Abdula is five years older than Paula Abdula. The couple married at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, California, on October 24, 1996, after being engaged for a year. Similarly, the couple went through a legal divorce in 1997.

 Kids with Chase Leigh Beckerman

Chase Leigh Beckerman was Brad Beckerman’s first wife. He had his first child, Willis, and his second child was a daughter named Sage, the father’s second child. The first of his children was born in 2011, and the second in 2013.

The two children were separated by two years. Brad shared his marriage pictures with his wife in 2010. A few years after their marriage, she said that he was threatened with a knife in the washroom after watching cartoons in bed with his son.

There is interest in the situation among kids and families. The magistrate ordered Mr. Brad and Chase Brad to remain away from them for a few days. They may have divorced after that, but nobody knows for sure. Eventually, they began living their lives the way they wanted.

Net Worth

Beckerman is known for his success as an entrepreneur in America. Throughout his career, he has accumulated vast amounts of money. The CEO of Stillhouse, Beckerman, has generated up to $5 million in revenue this year.

Approximately $2 million is Brad’s net worth. Roughly $30 million is the estimated net worth of Paula Abdul, his former wife. Roughly $3 million was the salary she earned each year.

Social Media 

Undoubtedly, Brad Beckerman is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is active on various social media platforms.


Beckerman has significantly impacted the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. His philanthropic efforts and business ventures have made him one of the industry’s most influential figures. He is a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors because of his passion for fashion.


Who is Brad Beckerman?

An entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist known for his work in the fashion industry, Brad Beckerman is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Beckerman Group is an investment company that invests in fashion brands and startups.

What companies have Beckerman invested in?

Hen is an investor who has invested in several companies, including fashion brands such as Gryphon and Proenza Schouler and tech startups such as Airbnb and Uber.

What philanthropic causes does Beckerman support?

He has supported several schools and educational programs and is passionate about helping education.
Additionally, he has contributed to organizations such as the American Cancer Society by raising funds for cancer research. Beckerman supports several other charities, and Make-A-Wish and Robin Hood Foundation.

What is Beckerman’s background?

He is a native New Yorker who was raised there. His undergraduate degree in Business Administration was obtained from New York University. His career began in finance before he transitioned to the fashion industry and founded Fusion Brands.

What is the Beckerman Group?

The Beckerman Group was founded by Brad Beckerman. In addition to investing in fashion, tech, and healthcare companies, the firm also invests in hedge funds and private equity firms.

What is Beckerman’s social media presence like?

There are several social media platforms where Brad Beckerman appears, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. As well as sharing information about his business ventures and philanthropic endeavors, he also shares his thoughts on current events and industry news via these platforms.

What is Beckerman’s net worth?

Beckerman's net worth isn't public, but he's well-known in the fashion and tech industries for his successful investments.


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