5 Reasons to Use a Meal Delivery Service


Preparing meals every week can be stressful and inconvenient if you’re on a tight schedule. In recent years premade meal delivery services have become more common and affordable. They are great solutions if you don’t like cooking or find that you don’t have time to make nutritious, fulfilling meals when you come home from work. Below we’re going to explain some of the great benefits of ordering from pre-packaged delivery services.

Varied Menus

Most meal delivery services offer a variety of diets with different serving sizes and portions to fit all of your needs. Menus are often split into 4 categories. These are usually Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-powered, although there are plenty out there which also offer meat-based meals too if that’s the kind of thing you’re into when you eat.

Meal plans can be ordered for two to four people with the options of two to four recipes.

  • The Keto menu is Low-carb and gluten-free; it contains meat and seafood mains along with veggie side options.
  • The Paleo option is gluten, grain, soy, and dairy-free. Paleo dishes mainly comprise of organic and sustainable ingredients.
  • The balanced living menu option contains a range of diverse ingredients that are easily customizable such as meat, seafood, and vegetarian options.
  • The plant-powered menu option is comprised of all vegetarian and plant options.


Once you’ve selected your plan and weekly menu choices, you simply wait for the box to be shipped to you each week with the express purpose of being able to cook a tasty meal that you and your household can enjoy. You have the added luxury of all ingredients coming washed, prepared, and put into the right portion sizes.

All dishes come pre-sealed and contained in a sleek, sturdy box, so you never have to worry about ingredients being damaged on arrival.


With pretty much every meal delivery service, you get the option to pick and choose whether or not you want to skip certain days or weeks. Maybe one week, you’ll be going on a business trip or on vacation, and there’s no need to have your meals delivered. You won’t be charged for the days or weeks that you skip. It sounds like a pretty fair deal to us!


The big question in your head right now is clearly how much does this cost? Each delivery service is, of course, going to be different, but prices average somewhere around $12.00 a meal or $42.00 a week. If you take into account how much you spend on your weekly or even bi-weekly grocery shop, you’ll find that it takes up a substantial amount of your budget. $42.00 sounds like a steal in comparison. As plans can be so varied and flexible, its hard to say which service is right for your specific needs, but pricing tends to be fair overall with generous sign-up offers.

Customer Support

Most meal plan services offer extremely helpful customer support services and FAQ sections.
You can usually contact the services via email on their “contact us” pages or call their phone numbers, also offered on the “contact us” page.

Alternatively, you will find informative FAQ sections with search bar functions so that you can look up your issue and receive easy to follow instructions straight from the website without waiting for an answer from customer support. To find out more about buying meat online check out Peter Bouchier.


These packaged meal services are great if you want filling, varied, and healthy meals delivered straight to your doorstep at a reasonable price with easy to prepare instructions. Whether you’re on a busy schedule or don’t want to spend time slaving over a hot stove, then this is something worth looking into!

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