Alex Lasarenko

Alex Lasarenko was an exceptionally talented pianist and composer. He was born on July 13, 1963, and passed away in 2020. A music company called Tonal Sound was owned by him.

Dinner Rush (2000) and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) brought Alex a great deal of attention and success. Numerous people who admired Alex Lasarenko looked up to him, including Fritz Doddy. Both of them worked at Elias Arts.

The world of music would not be the same without this superbly skilled and experienced songwriter.

Alex Lasarenko Biography

Sometimes people called him Alexander Lasarenko. He was born on July 13, 1963 and raised in the US city of Columbus. Alex has always been a fan of music, and at the age of three he began learning to play the piano.

His sister’s name was Lisa Lasarenko, however there is no information available about his parents. Alex Lasarenko completed his education at Ohio State University.

He was a Christian with the Cancer zodiac sign. Unfortunately, he was quiet and didn’t reveal much about his personal life, so we don’t know much about it.


Alex Lasarenko released an album in 1998 titled Noir. Some of the most well-known songs on this record are “But Not For Me,” “A Last Book,” “Obsession,” “At the Window,” “The First Evening,” and “The Rome.” This record helped him become more well-known.

After that, he became a creative director at Elias Arts, which is now called Elias Music. Alex wrote a lot of theme songs, advertising music, and songs for movies. His favorite piece of work was written in 2001 and titled “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”

Alex Lasarenko started his own record label in 2002 called Tonal Sound. He put in a lot of effort to make his business successful. Tonal Sound did work for a lot of different companies on movies and documentaries, such as “The Apple Pushers.”

Some of Alex Lasarenko’s most well-known works, such as TV show themes and songs for movies, are listed below:

  • Levi’s: The Chase –1996
  • The Business of Strangers–2001
  • Misdemeanor–2002
  • Ten9Eight: Shoot for the Moon–2009
  • Cropsey–2009
  • The Aspern Papers–2010
  • The Best Man for the Job–2011
  • Booster–2012
  • Contrarian–2013
  • Underwater Dreams–2014
  • Mathia Vargas and Gonzalo Trigueros in Consensual–2016
  • The Killing Season–2016
  • Truth Is Stranger Than Florida–2016
  • The Last Light –2017
  • I am Jane Doe–2017
  • Purity–2019
  • The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52–2021

Alex Lasarenko Disney Channel

The 2022 documentary “The Disney Channel’s Theme: A Historical Mystery” revealed that Alex Lasarenko developed the trademark four-note mnemonic that ended every interstitial and bumper on the network from 2002 onward.

This unique piece of music has become associated with the station and has a special place in the hearts of viewers. A lot of kids who grew up in the 1990s would always connect that song to their favorite Disney shows.

Alex Lasarenko Death

Alex Lasarenko passed away on November 8, 2020, in Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA. All the wonderful talents depart from us too soon. The death was ruled a suicide by authorities after it was discovered in his hotel room.

However, it is unknown what specifically caused Alex Lasarenko’s death. Many claim that Lasarenko has amassed a large number of enemies who are willing to murder him. There are rumors that he overdosed on drugs.

Even so, his family hasn’t said anything in public. Most likely, Alex’s death was caused by health problems, but people want to know more about the specifics.

Alex Lasarenko Obituary

The death notice for Alex Lasarenko can’t be found. It looks like his family doesn’t want anyone to know about it. This makes the secret of his death even stronger.

Alex Lasarenko’s family and friends also made sure he had a proper funeral so that his soul could rest in peace. Many guests showed up for the ceremony and expressed their sympathies to the family.

People will always love Alex Lasarenko because he was a good person. His name faded, but his song remained a pop culture staple.

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