Last Man Down (2021)| Review

Last Man Down (2021) Review

In the beginning of Last Man Down, a big man with a beard named John Wood (Daniel Stisen, Rise of the Footsoldier 3, Following the Wicca Man) is tied to a chair and being questioned by a bigger man named Commander Stone (Daniel Nehme, Redirected, Hard Tide). Stone is also pointing a gun at the … Read more

The Stairs (2021)| Review

The Stairs (2021) Review

The Stairs starts with 11-year-old Jesse (Thomas Wethington) and his grandfather Jean (John Schneider, Dukes of Hazard, Penance Lane) going hunting. The story is based on stories of hikers who found stairs in the middle of the woods. Mom (Trin Miller, St. Agatha) and Grandma (Kathleen Quinlan, Chimera Strain, Event Horizon) wish them luck. They … Read more

Everything About Amanda Holden Feet and Legs

Amanda Holden hair style

Here you can see the beautiful pictures of Amanda Holden’s feet and legs. She is an English actress and media personality. She has been a judge on the talent competition show broadcast on ITV known as Britain’s Got Talent ever since the year 2007. Alongside Jamie Theakston, she is presently hosting the weekday morning broadcast … Read more

How Cannabis Businesses Are Booming In 2021

cbd market

The cannabis industry has experienced tremendous growth globally since countries and governments legalized the use of cannabis to certain degrees. While not all countries are on board, the few that have accepted some form of cannabis use have significantly influenced how this industry has developed. For example, some US states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis … Read more