7 Nail Design Hacks To Try In 2021

Art is all about using your imagination to create an aesthetic and visually appealing work. You can use different artistic ways to embellish your outfit and make it stand out. One such art, i.e., Nail art, is quite popular amongst fashion enthusiasts. It includes different methods like paints, acrylics, or gels to decorate your nails. With a fresh manicure and well-kept nails, you appear chicer, groomed, and stylish. Also, it reflects your creativity and is an easy way to flaunt your nails. While creating the perfect nail art, you can use a few tips and hacks to ease the entire process.

Use Sponges To Create Ombre Effects

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One of the most straightforward and attractive nail designs lasting longer than the basic pains is the Ombre effects. You can create a subtle nail design using two or three similar shades. Also, try to create a seamless gradient between the shades to instill diverse shades. You can do this using the sponges or your eye shadow brush. All you need to do is apply the lightest shade at the base of your nail and dab the other shade on top. Then, in the center, you can dab both colors to instill the perfect gradient.

Create French Manicure Using Rubber Bands

Another popular nail art that is both easy, as well as stylish is the french manicure. You can create attractive nail art using two shades of nail varnish, the white and nude shades. Also, fill the tip with white and paint the rest of the nail with nude shades. You might experience difficulty in adding that fine white strip of paint over the tip. For this purpose, you can tie a rubber band in the middle and align the other end over your nail top. This provides the much-needed curved line to add the white nail paint with ease.

Apply White Nail Paints To Pop Your Neon Art

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Are you fond of the flashy and attractive neon nail art designs that pop at night? If yes, you can make the neon art appear even more glowing using a white paint base. Just coat your nails with white paint and apply the neon gel nail varnish over it. It adds more depth to the neon shades and makes your nails pop even during the daytime. Also, you can choose several designs like neon lime, ombre tips, and neon moons for the perfect nail art.

Use Your Bobby Pins

Did you think the bobby pins are just to keep your hair in place? If yes, then you’re wrong. You can use the open end of your bobby pins to create the perfect polka dots on your nails. Also, it is pretty helpful in adding versatile patterns to the nails without any expensive types of equipment. Just dip the booby pins in your nail paint and apply it sideways on the nail. Then, you can create the polka tiger, animal prints, and other suitable nail patterns with it.

Use Thin Tapes To Create Stripes

When you want to create striped nail art, the lack of precision ruins the entire design. In such cases, you can use thin tapes to create the space for your stripes. Start by applying the tapes on the areas of your nail where you want the stripes. Further, paint the rest of the nails and remove the tapes after the nail paint gets dry. It reveals a clean and precise stripe to fill using any other color or leave the same way. You can use the trick to create different patterns and art on your nails as well.

Apply Glitter Pen To Conceal The Untidy French Tips

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Are you unable to create the perfect french manicure tips due to a lack of precision or skills? You can hide the flaws using a silver or gold glitter pen on your nails. All you need to do is apply the pen over the margins of the white paint on the tips. It creates a subtle design and makes you appear more dressy. Also, the nail art goes quite well with a shimmery party outfit and some classy heels. With the inexpensive glitter pens, you can add more appeal to your french manicure.

Create Glitter Nails Using Sponges

Parties and celebrations call for some glittery nails and attractive outfits. If you’re looking out for glitter-inspired nail art, then you can create it using a sponge. Just add the glitter paint over the sponge and dab it at the top of your black nail coat. Also, you can create the much-needed depth using different shades of glitter. Make sure not to overdo the glitter as it can create a chaotic pattern on the nails. The technique makes your shimmer nail design relatively easy as well as glamorous.

Final Thoughts

Nail art is an essential part of your outfit and requires the utmost precision. If you’re a beginner in nail design art, you can create the perfect art using a few tools. Start with making the ombre effects using sponges and apply the nail enamel afterward. Also, you can add the stripes using thin tapes for accurate designs. Some other techniques like bobby pins to create dots or white nail coats to pop your neon designs are also suitable. Make sure to use the hacks for sleek and stylish nail art in no time. Not to forget, it saves a lot of time and gives perfect results.

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