6 Ways Runway Fashion Creates Fashion Trends

Runway fashion includes fashion shows or events involving walking on a ramp wearing fashionable clothing, displaying fashion trends to the public, or introducing new fashion styles to people creatively.

Runway fashion has contributed a lot to bringing interesting new fashion choices to the public’s eyes and making them famous fashion trends that have gone on for years.

Runway fashion most often includes fashion models or stylists who present the clothes, accessories, or fashion choices to teach the audience how to carry them in style. They become an inspiration for the public to look up to know how to maintain that particular piece of fashion.

How Runway Fashion Gave Rise to Amazing Fashion Trends?

This blog will help you understand how fashion trends became normalized or reached the public through various runway fashion shows and events. Most of the fashion choices that we make till now are the result of those runway fashion which introduced those particular fashion ideas to us in the first place.

1. Plus Size Clothing Being on Trend:

For years, there had been no platform for people over the size zero—especially those who were particularly overweight and had almost no brands to cater to their body sizes.

Only recently, plus-size clothing had been displayed to be fashionable in various runway fashion trends under the umbrella of inclusivity and body positivity. Curves that used to be shamed and shut away are now celebrated worldwide, and more plus-size people can be fashionistas with the vast choices being laid out in fashion.

2. Stylish Athletic-Wear Becoming a Thing:

Athletic wear seemed to be a dress designed specifically for sports. However, this design has been evolved and revamped into something more fashionable. Athletic wear is now part of a more fashionable clothing choice and can be worn in various formal and informal events.

Of course, it all depends on the way you carry it. For example, sports shoes or sneakers have been making numerous rounds in various formal events. Many of us remember watching videos or in flash brides or grooms wearing sneakers or joggers on their big day to have a more comfortable experience.

More people have been catching up on this trend and making this a part of their lives other than just in sports.

3. Gender-Neutral Dresses Being on Rising:

Who remembers the famous Vogue photoshoot of Harry Styles where he wore a dress that sparked controversy? Or his interview with Kendall Jenner in the show Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, where he wore a nail polish?

Several incidents of various celebrities have made a more gender-neutral fashion choice for all, which is slowly becoming a trend and being on the rising. The purpose of inclusivity in such fashion trends has been doing its job to make it more common for people who don’t wish to have any label of gender on themselves.

Fashion is for all, and all is for one, and gender-neutral fashion is precisely what it needs.

4. Providing Fashion Choices for the Disabled on Ramp:

Disability has been a taboo for far too long, and it’s about time that this changes for all. Disabled people being given a platform on the ramp to take part in fashion and have fashion styles explicitly dedicated to them brings a lot of hope. It makes disabled people more confident in adapting to new fashion trends as a community.

This is huge in expanding the circle of fashion and in including more marginalized communities into it. It also brings a lot of positive change in people’s minds regarding the normalization of disability and getting more exposure to the world of fashion.

FTL Moda’s FW15 fashion show presented disabled models to do a catwalk on their ramp to display their stunning fashion styles and give out a more powerful message of inclusivity and diversity in fashion.

5. Ripped Clothing Being the New Cool:

We all are guilty of wearing ripped clothing (on purpose) at least once in our lives! Ripped denim jeans, shirts, and denim jackets have made rounds on the internet, pulling teenagers and young adults into this trend.

Originally, ripped clothes were meant to be a fashion statement to show anger towards society, including various celebrities backing this movement up, like Madonna. We’re not going to lie; the protest-turned-fashion trend of ripped clothing does look pretty cool when styling them correctly.

One must know how to style ripped dress in a way that draws a line between it being a trendy fashion choice and looking straight up homeless (or the aftermath of a catfight with, well, a cat).

However, ripped clothing may not be as trending in 2021 as it did in the past few years, but it’s still not completely gone and may look good with loose clothing like ripped, baggy mom jeans.

6. Stylish Face Masks Amidst COVID-19:

Covid-19 has been a life-changing event for all of us. Face masks, which used to be (and still are) and essential for public health and safety, are now turned into a fashion choice. There are various face masks available in different fabrics, prints, and designs for people to choose from.

Many celebrities adopted the stylish face mask trends in the red carpets or various other fashion shows. Face masks have also made a move on the ramp as runway fashion has had a lot of ideas for them to stay in business for as long as Covid-19 plans to remain among us.

Final Thoughts:

Runway fashion has done a lot to create various exciting and inclusive fashion trends. We all have access to some incredibly stylish and trendy clothing, accessories, and fashion ideas after they have been displayed so eloquently at the ramp by the models.

With a platform like a runway fashion, there is room for more opportunities and growth in style and many more notable trends to come among us. We are very excited to see what the next few years have in store regarding trendy ideas of clothing and accessories.

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