6 Simple and Easy Ways to Cope With Stress

Stress is like a never-ending cycle in today’s hectic and all-consuming lives. Most of us are living in a perpetual overloaded state in this fast-paced world. Hence, dealing with anxiety or stress can be a daunting journey for each one of us. 

Before we understand how to handle stress in simple yet effective ways, let us first identify with the basic understanding of stress. Stress is a reaction to any circumstances where a person feels vulnerable or anxious. Whether sudden or ongoing, stress activates our nervous system and engulfs our bloodstream with adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones are known to raise blood pressure, intensify heart rate and impale our blood sugar levels. These changes toss our body into a fight or flight response. 

Coming to the point of actually coping with stress, below are a few simple, easy, and healthy lifestyle choices that we all can adopt in our lives. 

Rebalance Life 

Having a balanced lifestyle is one of the most important steps towards a more stress-free living. Research signifies that psilocybin mushrooms or shrooms hold immense potential to deal with stress naturally. A balanced lifestyle with a balanced diet and dried mushrooms canada will help ease out stress in life. 

Overburdening ourselves with to-do lists is a common cause of stress. However, accepting that we cannot do everything at once and prioritizing tasks can better perform our work. Setting aside equal time for work and home, breaking down multiple tasks into smaller sections according to time, and engaging more time in hobbies that bring us pleasure and joy are few simple ways to have a more sorted daily life. 

Cleanse the Body and Mind 

Physical fitness and well-being make it much easier to cope with stress. However, this does not mean spending hours at the gym, powerlifting, or only eating diet food. Regular physical exercise is enough to balance the nervous system and increase blood circulation, helping to metabolize stress hormones. Additionally, eating a well-balanced diet with a good breakfast, more organic fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and nicotine, and drinking more water will go a long way in keeping us nourished and healthy.


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Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep and stress has the potential to go into a vicious cycle. Hence, getting into a good sleep routine of seven to eight hours of sleep will help your body to cope better with stress. If you have ongoing stress or trouble sleeping, avoid caffeine or excessive alcohol before going to bed, turn your gadgets off, try taking a warm bath or reading a calming book, and give yourself time to relax to go off to sleep quickly.  

Deep Breathing and Yoga

Breaking away from a stressful environment and taking a few deep breaths can take the pressure off right away. Giving ourselves some time and doing a little Meditation, Yoga, or just a few deep breaths can elevate our mood immediately and calm our minds. While trying any of these, make sure to sit in a straight and comfortable position, close your eyes, try to imagine calm things, and take a few deep breaths for a few minutes. 

Talk to People

communicating with other people releases hormones that reduce stress. Taking too much pressure can cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing things. Therefore, another person’s reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything into a different perspective. You can talk to whoever you’re comfortable with, whether it’s a family member, friend, doctor, or therapist. Sometimes, indulging in some self-talk with a positive connotation also helps to reduce stress. 

Take it Easy 

In times of overwhelming situations, try to go easy on yourself. It might seem like an arduous step for few people, but solving a problem one step at a time is much helpful. Learn to say ‘no’ if you feel overburdened, be more realistic about your capabilities, and slowly build in your self-confidence to deal with stress efficiently in the future. Listening to calming music and laughing it off whenever possible (since laughter releases mood-improving endorphins) can also positively affect our mind and body. 


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These are a few simple ways that we all can use to lower our stress hormones and calm the mind and body. Thus, following the few solutions mentioned above can be immensely valuable in helping us cope with stress. 

Although it is believed that some level of stress is valuable to heighten one’s focus and alertness, too much of it has resulted in severe health issues. It is true not just for a few but unfortunately an increasing sum of our population. Stress can lead to chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and other issues like hormonal imbalance and skin inflammation. Hence it is essential to check on your stress levels regularly and take corrective measures. 

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