In today’s world, life is a race where all of us are mere contestants trying to compete. Everybody is on a marathon on the road to accomplishing their ambitions, goals, and aims to success. We live a chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle and often forget to take care of our mental and physical health. An unhealthy lifestyle is a hub of diseases and health problems. In today’s fast and developing civilization, we always seek immediate results. Even when we fall ill, we seek rapid remedies rather than natural remedies and do not consider the ill effects of the product, which may come up in the long run.

A few of the most common problems the 21st-century people face include stress, tension, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, frustration, and many more. With the raging hike in prices of everyday products, people have no option but to earn better to sustain themselves, causing one more stress. Most of the time to deal with these health ailments, we consult specialists or seek the help of pharmaceutical products rather than adapting to natural procedures or products. Therefore, the market is getting cluttered, and manufacturers are even using toxins in their products. These chemicalized and artificial products do bring instant satisfaction but later prove hazardous.

Mitragyna Speciosa is a herbal product found in Southeast Asia. It has come in handy in herbal medicine since the nineteenth century. Though there has not been much information about Kratom, it is proven effective in the therapeutic field. It has properties similar to opioid properties that often cause stimulant-like side effects. Research has demonstrated that it can come in handy against tiredness, inactiveness, pain, diarrhea, muscle cramps, and fatigue. The most used way to consume it is one can directly chew, along with tea or as vapes. It is available in health stores, vapes shops, and online specialty stores under various brand labels like mitra gaia.

Mitragyna Speciosa

5 Famous Vendors Of Kratom:

Here are the five famous vendors-

Kat Botanicals: Kat Botanicals, founded by Justin Kat, is one of the liked names in the Kratom industry. Their products are natural and sustainable. This brand also incorporates consumer inputs before selling, making it a famous brand by the public. Still, one major drawback of the product is its high price. The prices of this brand are very high, making it unapproachable to the common mass.

Kraken Kratom: Kraken Kratom, founded by Jeff, Brook, and Drew Stratton, is a family-owned brand. This brand came into the business in 2014 and is the first-ever company to be acknowledged as a kratom vendor. This brand abides by high standard products and provides genuine, all-natural products. This brand also furnishes consumer service and prioritizes consumer feedback. One major con of this brand is its 30-day shipping policy. Therefore, the delivery of the product takes a lot of time.

Gaia Kratom: Mitra Gaia is a solid name in the Kratom industry. This Nevada-based brand sells its products via online services and provides consumers with the freedom to customize products as per their needs. This brand offers high-quality products on a budget with fast delivery. It allows a 30-day return policy with a 100% money refund.

Golden Monk: It is one of the oldest Kratom seller brands. It is a Canadian brand and uses Kratom cultivated on Indonesian farms. The brand uses refined quality products at affordable prices. They also have a return policy if not satisfied with the product. The brand uses gelatin, so the products are not vegan. Therefore, pregnant or nursing women should not use it.

Kona Kratom: Kona Kratom is known for providing affordable products free of additives, preservatives, and fillers. They offer three strains: red, green, and white.

Benefits Of Kratom:

We shall now discuss the benefits of the product.

  • Pain Relief

It can be a great antidote to get relief from pain. All three strains: white, green, and red veins, help against pain.

Pain Relief

  • Mood Booster

Kratom can have mood-boosting effects. It has proven effective against tiredness, fatigue, and inactiveness, providing consumers with a jolt of energy and work capacity.

  • Libido Enhancement

Research has proven Kratom as a natural and potential sexual enhancer. Kratom has aphrodisiac effects that help increase sexual desire.

  • Appetite Enhancer

It has also proven effective as an appetite enhancer. Studies have found that people suffering from eating disorders, anorexia, or bulimia receive positive progress.

Final Thoughts

Natural products like CBD or Kratom are taking a solid place in today’s medical world. These natural plant-based products have proven effective in curing or treating various complications. Even though Kratom is a safe and natural product, it is a must to consult a doctor before consuming Kratom strain for depression or other illness. The dosage varies in people and depends upon their problem. It has side effects such as weight loss, dry mouth, delusion, itching, sweating, liver damage, and seizures. Even though Kratom is available in certain countries such as Thailand, California, Florida, Canada, and Colorado, it is still not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act.


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